Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is it really August already?

Time sure seems to be flying by! I can't believe it's already August! Too bad we have 3 more months before it starts cooling off here in Phoenix.

My blog is up to 14 official "followers", which I am pretty excited about. (Official followers are the people who are listed on the actual blog as following - they signed themselves up.) It's nice to know that people care about what's going on in your life and that people are actually reading my blog.

I guess I kind of look at this blog as an online diary sort of thing. It's a sort of therapy for me to write about what I'm feeling and it will also be fun to look back on all these posts someday. I realize that I've been complaining a lot about Abbie's sleep issues lately, so if the blog seems kind of negative, I apologize for that. I guess the sleep topic is just near and dear to my heart right now and it's usually the first thing I think about - and ironically, it's WAY up near the top of the list on questions I get asked by friends and strangers alike - "How is she sleeping?" Despite the fact that we do have a few sleep issues, I don't feel sleep deprived at all, thank God. And I have seen vast improvements in her "clingy-ness" in her short 2 and a half months of life. So I definitely have hope that things will keep improving.

In other news, my hair is falling out like crazy now. I mean, it's coming out in wads. I guess I always did shed a lot, but I didn't lose much hair during pregnancy, and now I'm catching up. Also, I fit into my pre-pregnancy shorts again. I'm still not down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I fit into my shorts, so I'll take that for now. I had huge plans to start walking every day after she was born.. until I realized it's 100 out at 7am. So.. my work out plans are on hold until it gets a little cooler. I should start doing some work out videos though now that some days she's not so clingy and lets me set her down for 20-30 mins at the time (or naps in her swing for 2 hours - woo-hoo!!)

Here are some recent pictures:

Because I never post pictures of our first babies anymore...

Sitting up in the chair.

Playing with her bears. (We play with her bears every morning.)

In her new towel from the 61st Top Dogs!

Tummy time (which she's not particularly fond of)


Talking with daddy

Our new favorite picture of her - the pucker lip.

She's all about blowing spit bubbles now.

Trying to make dinner while wearing a baby...

She's quite smily as of recently.

The shirt says it all.

The Top Dog ladies threw a shower for us - this is everything Abbie got!!


Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

I love the towel, it's just too cute!

Cyndi Cam and Miles said...

My niece is the cutest baby girl ever! I love the lip! She is sooo long, I think she might have to take over my nickname-Bean, because she is a string bean! Im glad that you are getting more sleep. The boys and I are going to find a way to come and visit you sometime. Cam wants to see planes(hint hint Uncle Mark!). They are still talking about seeing you all at mom and dads. Wish we could do that more often.
Love you-Cyndi

Anonymous said...

I love the bear playing pic. :)

I follow, I am just not registered. :)

Lillie said...

I love your blogs Monica. They really keep me up on your life and I love that. Little Abbie is growing so fast. Love you all, Lillie