Friday, July 24, 2009

Sleep issues, training craziness and holiday plans

I've been meaning to get more pictures on here, but it's easier said than done with the little one around. It's amazing how much time she consumes, but I love it.

Here are a few of her 2 month photos.

Very displeased.

She likes to blow spit bubbles now.

Still loves her baths.

Almost caught a grin on film. The little smile will have to do for now.

Hanging out with Sadie before bed.

Our three kids.

I have a feeling my night time supply is fading quickly. I hope my new pump gets here soon. I'm going to pick up some fenugreek this weekend to see if that helps also. Last night was not a good night for us. I generally nurse her from 7:30pm to 9 or 9:30pm. She doesn't nurse actively that entire time, but every time she slows down/falls asleep and I pull her off, she cries. So I put her back on and she'll actively nurse for a few more minutes and then slow down/fall asleep. Needless to say, my boobs hurt a LOT from all that sucking... Mark fed her a bottle (4oz) around 10pm, and we finally got her to bed around 11pm. She woke up around 1am and I nursed her for about 10 mins and she fell asleep. However, I knew she needed to nurse more, so I played with her feet and rubbed and blew on her face and moved her around some. We went through that routine about 2 times and she'd nurse for maybe 2-3 more minutes and be out again. So I tried to put her back to bed. As SOON as her head hits her bed, her eyes fly open and she cries. *sighs* So I tried to leave her in bed and pat her to sleep again, but no such luck. So I got her out of bed again and tried to nurse her again. Five minutes and she's out again. Tried to put her to bed again and same thing. As soon as she's in bed, she's wide awake. What the heck? She was screaming so I decided to bring her to bed with me, and she calmed down for a second, but then she was still crying, so I tried to nurse her in bed and she was getting really impatient and flinging her head around and not latching on right. My boobs already hurt and this wasn't helping matter at all. So I finally went and got her a 4oz bottle again. She drank 3 oz's of it and was out until 6:30am when the garage door woke her up from Mark leaving. So I don't know if my supply is just low at night now or what. I used to leak at night, and I don't any more, but I thought that was just because it had regulated itself. Maybe not? I'm very tempted to start giving her bottles at her 1-2am feeding because it takes her a LOT less time to drink a bottle than it does to nurse, and she doesn't fall asleep when she's drinking a bottle. But then I'd have to pump for 20 mins if I did that. That might help my supply though if I pumped both sides, and it would be a lot faster to feed her a bottle and then pump than it is just feeding her at this point. I don't know. It's frustrating.

Mark is an entire month ahead of schedule in his training now, which is crazy since he's only 3 months into this training. I feel bad for him because he's so busy and stressed out. He's gone before 7am every day, and is never home before 6:30pm every night. He gets home, takes a shower while I give Abbie a bath, and then he spends a little time with Abbie while I make dinner. Then we eat quickly and he studies some before he falls asleep. He comes home exhausted and he could probably easily go to bed by 8pm every night and still not get enough sleep. I know he wants to spend more time with Abbie, but he just doesn't have time at this point. I hope training slows down for him in the near future because the pace they're going right now is just ridiculous.

We decided we're not coming home to IL for Christmas this year. It's just too expensive for us, and it'll save us over $1000 if we just stay here. Plus we'd have to bring the dogs (which is even more expensive) or find a place to board them, and we're not comfortable doing that. So I think we're just going to stay in Phoenix this year. Besides, the weather will be GORGEOUS then.


Jackie said...

Fenugreek and pumping really helped me. I would start doing bottles at night too... Sheesh!! Good luck friend! Love the pics :)

michelle lynn said...

I think the advantage with bottles at night is that you really don't have that 'comfort nursing' effect, so she just gets what she needs and can hopefully transition to sleep. I would just pump once before you go to bed, and then in the morning after you nurse her. And make sure to drink H20 ;) I would just go with what works, and whatever gets the two of you the most sleep! I love the pictures, she's adorable! Starting to take on her own little look, too cute.

Elsbit said...

I LOVE the displeased picture! SOooooooo cute!!! I used fenugreek too. I think it helped to some degree.