Monday, July 20, 2009

Abbie Rose is 2 months old

Our little pippy (short for pipsqueak) is two months old today. Where has the time gone? She has her 2 month appt on Wednesday, so we'll find out her length and weight then. Our scale at home ranges from 10-12lbs, but I'm hoping she's closer to 12 lbs now. She seems incredibly long to me, so it'll be interesting to see how much longer she is also.

She's still not sleeping very well. Last night she slept from 11pm to 4am, which was a good stretch for her. But then when I put her back to bed around 4:30am, she was up every 20 mins until I finally brought her to bed with me around 6am. I don't know if I should put her to bed earlier or what. We've tried that a few times, but she sleeps even worse than normal if I put her to bed earlier. We'll figure this out eventually.

She still LOVES her baths. If she's fussy, we can put her in the bathtub and she's fine... until you take her out. Then more often than not, she gets upset. But as long as she's in the tub, she's fine.

We still swaddle her at night. She gets about 4 oz of formula a day, give or take 2 oz's. She drinks fine from a bottle, though she always has. She likes to have her pacifier sometimes - it seems to calm her down half the time, and piss her off even more other times.

She snorts when she's crying sometimes, which is hilarious. Every time she breathes in she snorts. I need to record that. She also still wrinkles her nose when she does her big grins. Sometimes she just smiles, sometimes she just wrinkles her nose, and occasionally, she does both at the same time and it's just adorable. Unfortunately every time I stick a camera in her face and try to get her to do it, she pays more attention to the camera than me, and stops smiling. I'll keep trying though.

Abbie is 2 months old and she's already been to 4 states. Not bad for a little pipsqueak.

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