Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3 years already??

I cannot believe Mark and I have been married for 3 years already, let alone have a beautiful baby to show for it. Time truly has flown by, but the years just keep getting better. (And the first year was great to begin with!) I'm excited about the many years to come, and I am so lucky that I am married to my best friend. Mark got me a new blender for our anniversary, which I'm pretty excited about. I didn't get him anything but a card, and I feel bad about that, but he's very hard to shop for. He doesn't want/need/use much, and anything he would want/need/ use is pretty expensive and most likely he'd want to pick it out anyway since it'd probably be some sort of electronics, so I didn't even bother. He doesn't really need any clothes, I ALWAYS get him books, so I didn't want to do that this time, CD's are a waste of money since iTunes is better, he doesn't have any freetime to do any sort of hobbies, etc.

Something that's been on my mind a lot this week - one of my good friends went back to work on Monday, after her maternity leave was up. She's really upset about it and is having a hard time dealing with it because she just wants to stay home with her daughter, which is understandable. My heart just goes out to her because I couldn't imagine putting Abbie in daycare at this point. I wasn't sure how I'd deal with being a stay at home mom, and I guess the verdict still isn't completely out on that since it's only been (almost) 5 weeks. But I am SO thankful that Mark makes enough money for me to be able to stay home with our baby, and also that he wants me to stay home with her. He's always said that he'd like for me to stay home with our kids, at least until they're in school. We feel that it'll benefit our kids in the long run, especially since his job is so "unstable" - meaning we move a bunch and he works long hours when he's home, and there will be times when he's gone for long periods of time. We think it'll be better if our kids have the stability of me being home with them and available to them, since Mark won't be as accessible at times. We'll see how much I like staying home with her 5 months from now though...

Last night Abbie gave me a run for my money again. Mark gave her an ounce and a half of formula last night and then snuggled with her the rest of the night, and she slept on him. Big mistake. Since she'd slept from like 6pm to 10pm, she had absolutely no interest in going to sleep when we wanted to. Every time I'd put her in her bed, she's be crying within 10 mins. I dealt with it until about 3am and finally said screw it, and brought her to bed with us. Then she slept fine until 6am. Mark got up at 6am and I asked him to change her before he got in the shower. He takes her into the bathroom and about 30 secs later I hear her fart (or so I thought) and then Mark say "Oh... My... God..." So I kinda laugh because I figured she'd probably pooped on him. Ha! That's an understatement. She shot poop 3 feet across the bathroom counter. It was everywhere. I should have taken a picture, but I didn't. Maybe next time. =) Oh, and Mark seems to be doing a lot better now that he's feeding her sometimes. I think he really enjoys being able to provide for her like that and I think it's important for their bonding experience. I was pumping while he was feeding her last night and I got an ounce and a half out! That's the most I've pumped yet! I was pretty excited.

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Em said...

Ha ha ha!!! That made me laugh out loud. Know this, though, I most definately am laughing WITH you (or rather Mark in this case), as I too have been pooped on!! Sorry you had a rough night. Hope you found some time to nap with the little one to make up for it!