Monday, May 4, 2009

"The trots and the tummy"

Not a whole lot going on here today. Yesterday Mark was pretty sick all day - from 5am to 5pm. He had diarrhea and threw up a few times, and we're still not quite sure if it was a bug, or food poisoning or from pills he took. He has to test what the Air Force calls "go pills" along with sleep meds to see how his body reacts to them, before they deploy. When they do missions over there, they give them the go pills so they can stay alert the entire time they're in the air, and I guess people have problems sleeping while they're deployed so they give them sleep meds too. He took one Ambient, and it didn't seem to help him fall asleep at all, and the next morning he woke up sick. It said some of the side affects were diarrhea and upset stomach, but I think he had a little more than an upset stomach. He said he's not taking those ever again, just in case. Luckily I haven't gotten whatever he had yet, and hopefully I won't. (Fingers crossed.) He's going to make me go to the hospital if I do get it because I'll probably get dehydrated pretty quickly.

I didn't really have any major contractions yesterday, mainly because I laid in bed with Mark for the majority of the day. Every once in a while I still feel my whole stomach tighten up, but nothing major. Mark keeps telling me he's really going to miss my big belly. For some reason he really likes it, although I'm not quite sure why. He pretty much can't walk by me without rubbing my belly and he's always telling me I'm getting bigger, but I don't really see it. In fact, I've lost about 7 lbs from my top weight during this pregnancy. Apparently she's getting bigger and I'm getting smaller, which is fine with me, as long as she's not a ginormous baby when she comes out.

That's all for now!

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