Friday, April 3, 2009

Home again

The past few days have been kinda crazy. Monday the packers packed up our entire house between 8am and 4pm. Tuesday the movers came and took all the boxes and furniture onto the truck, and it only took them about 3 hours. Tuesday I started cleaning the apartment... The amount of cat hair that was under our furniture was absolutely disgusting. Wednesday I drove 2 hrs to Tulsa to pick my mom up from the airport, and then we came back and cleaned some more. I had an OB appt that both my mom and Mark where able to go to (more on that later) and then we came back and finished cleaning the house and moved all the stuff my mom and I weren't taking with us to IL over to Mark's hotel room on base. Then we packed up as much as we could in our cars so we didn't have much to do in the morning. Thursday we were up by 6am, Mark got ready for work, and then we loaded all the rest of the stuff and the animals into our cars and took out the rest of the garbage and did the final walk thru. Mark left by 6:45am and my mom and I left a little after 7am, but got tied up at the hospital on our way out of town. Mark went back later in the day to check out with our landlord and luckily he gave us our full deposit back, which was good. We were both a little worried he was going to hassle us about the carpets because they had some snags on them, but he couldn't have put cheaper carpet in there if he tried and it was FILTHY when we moved in. Anyway, luckily it wasn't a problem and we're out of that place. My mom and I ended up getting on the road just before 8am and we got back to Galena just before 8pm. The drive wasn't all that bad. I was expecting it to be worse, but as far as me being uncomfortable, I was okay most of the trip, despite both weinas laying on me the entire time.

My OB appt was interesting. My bp high, as usual, so they wanted a pee sample. They found ketones and protein in the sample, which made my dr worry. He came in and asked how my diet was, and admittedly, it's not the best right now. It's hard to eat right when you have no food in the house, no dishes, silverware, etc. We've been eating out a lot. Plus I purposefully didn't drink much on Weds because I already have the constant "I have to pee" feeling, and I didn't want to have to stop 4 times to pee on the way to and from Tulsa. PLUS I'd been doing a lot more than normal with the cleaning and packing and loading and moving, so I probably should have been drinking more, but I wasn't. I asked him why he was worried, and I could tell he wasn't being 100% honest with me. He just said well it's probably a sign of you being dehydrated but he wanted me to do another pee sample in the morning and drop it off at the hospital lab on my way out of town. Mark and mom got to see the last U/S we had here. She is head down now and he thought she weighed about 4.5 lbs and her heart rate was 142bpm. He didn't do any pictures because she's pretty big so it would have been like part of her head or something like that. I did a little research online when I got home to find out why my dr looked worried and it basically said that protein and ketones in urine can be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Yay. I called my dr on our way home to find out the lab results from my 2nd test but they never called back, so I'm assuming it wasn't a big deal... ??

It's nice to be home, but I really hate leaving Mark. I feel guilty leaving him by himself and taking the dogs and cats and leaving him alone. I cry when I'm going HOME to see my friends and family and I'm only going to be away from him for 5 days.... What am I going to do when he goes to war and leaves me for 6 months?? I seriously don't know how I'm going to deal with that at all... Luckily when I said goodbye to him I was fine, but before we got up in the morning he said he was going to miss me and I completely lost it. And the night before when we were loading the truck I had a little melt down, and even now just typing this I'm starting to lose it again, so I'm going to stop. I'm a mess....


Elsbit said...

Aw hugs to you little worry wart!
I had ketones in my urine once too. All was well. :) Have fun with the fam!

michelle lynn said...

Pregnancy has a way of magnifying every little thing. You are wonderful and everything will be great! No need to worry, in order to deploy, Mark actually needs to finish training first, lol.