Sunday, March 1, 2009

March menu

I usually try to make an outline at the beginning of every month as to what we're going to eat for that month. It helps me with my grocery shopping a BUNCH, I don't wander aimlessly around the grocery store trying to come up with things to make, and it keeps us from eating the same thing 5 times a month. We just try to use it as an outline, and things frequently get switched around or sometimes skipped altogether if we go out to eat or if we have leftovers that we heat up instead of making a new meal. I only plan for 6 days a week because we usually eat out at least one day a week with friends and also sometimes we have leftovers. I've had a few people ask me to post one of my monthly menu's so here it is. Some of the days I plan the entire meal, other days, I just plan the main course and then add the sides to it depending on what's on sale that week or what we have in our cabinets. I plan meals for Monday - Saturday.

Monday (3/2) - Goulash and garlic bread
Tuesday (3/3) - Chicken parmigiana
Wednesday (3/4) - Pancakes, sausage and hash browns
Thursday (3/5) - Grilled hamburgers and baked potato wedges
Friday (3/6) - didn't plan a meal for this day because Mark has a roll call and then it's First Friday after that, so we won't be home
Saturday (3/7) - Pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and applesauce
Monday (3/9) - Beef stir fry and fried rice
Tuesday (3/10) - Lasagna and canned fruit
Wednesday (3/11) - Pounded chicken (pound it flat and cover it in egg and flour) and green beans
Thursday (3/12) - Broiled salmon and sauteed asparagus
Friday (3/13) - Sloppy joes and canned fruit
Saturday (3/14) - Corned beef, red potatoes and carrots
Monday (3/16) - Homemade pizza
Tuesday (3/17) - Chicken scampi pasta with broccoli
Wednesday (3/18) - Chili dogs
Thursday (3/19) - Spaghetti and salad
Friday (3/20) - Reuben's and baked potato wedges
Saturday (3/21) - Tator tot casserole
Monday (3/23) - Provolone and prosciutto chicken and sauteed broccoli
Tuesday (3/24) - Pork chops and sliced,fried potatoes
Wednesday (3/25) - Baked Ziti
Thursday (3/26) - Fried chicken strips and green beans
Friday (3/27) - Grilled steak, sauteed mushrooms and baked potatoes
Saturday (3/28) - Club Sandwiches
Monday (3/30) - Fish sticks
Tuesday (3/31) - "Taco Tuesday" - meal we eat every month at the Club on base - its free.

This month is a little different towards the end since we are theoretically moving April 1st. It's hard to plan for meals when you don't know how packed up your house will be and what dishes you'll have available to you. We'll probably just end up eating whatever's in the freezer or fridge that needs to be used before we leave. We always end up throwing a TON of food away when we move and that's one of the most expensive parts of moving - replacing all the fridge/freezer stuff at the new location that you couldn't bring with you. It all works out though and I try to give some of the stuff to friends who are still in the area that want it.

If you want any of the recipes for any of these meals, let me know.


Em said...

Nice variety, Mon. You should move the corned beef to 03/17, as is the traditional St. Paddy's Day meal! ;-)

Elsbit said...

I am a planner, but even I am impressed that you plan that far ahead! wow! lol.

Wilmes: Party of 6 said...

wow, that is some planning!

Cathy said...

This is such a good idea! I usually wander around the grocery store and run out of ideas for dinner!