Friday, January 16, 2009

Update on Sadie (pictures included)

Sadie is one very lucky weina dog. I'm not sure it's possible for a 18lb animal to get hit by an SUV and come out with less injuries than she did.

I went and picked her up from the vet around 3:30pm yesterday and brought her home. She's moving very slowly and is definitely not acting like her normal self, but I guess that's to be expected when an animal is as banged up as she is.

Below is a picture of the damn roadrunner she was chasing. This this has been hanging around our house for a few months now. I don't like that bird.

Here are a few pictures of her injuries. She has the human equivalent of a black eye. We're not sure if her head hit the front of the SUV or the ground. Either way, she didn't have any head injuries except for her eye, which I am very thankful for. Her eye still works fine too. She needed 2 stitches in her left hind leg, but other than that, her legs are pretty good, except for minor cuts here and there. Apparently she slide across the road on her belly some, which is why her tummy is raw.

I feel terrible that it happened still, and if I could quit replaying the whole ordeal in my head, I'd be good. Luckily Mark has been overly supportive and never once got mad at me about it. She was so excited to see him when he got home, and she just sat there and whimpered and wagged her tail. He spent a good 10 mins on the floor with her, checking her over and looking at all her boo-boos and petting her. And then they snuggled on the couch for most of the night, until we went to bed.

Mark got up with her twice last night because she was crying. We thought she might have to go potty, but it turned out both times she just wanted a drink. We think the meds she's on (pain killers and antibiotics) might be making her thirsty. Tonight we'll keep a bowl of water in our room for her.

She's been eating a little here and there, but she's usually a little live-wire and she's been pretty calm. She doesn't want to play yet, and she has trouble jumping up on the couch. I brought our steps for our bed out to the living room for her so she could get on the couch easier. Today she actually jumped up on the couch without the steps, so she must be feeling a little better. She seems really hesitant to go outside now though. I don't know if it's because we're putting their harnesses on now and putting them out on a leash or what. I think she'll be better by next week.

She's been sitting behind me whining for 20 mins now, so I'm going to go lay down with them for a bit until Mark gets home. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate it and consider ourselves very blessed that this didn't have a worse outcome.


Tanya and Patrick McNally said...

I'm so glad Sadie is going to be fine. She is definitely one lucky dog.

Elsbit said...

Poor Little Thing! I am glad she is on the mend. It totally is not your fault!

Cathy said...

Monica I am so glad to hear that she is doing better. Poor thing!!