Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end of 2008

Today was pretty uneventful, as life usually is here in Oklahoma. I've pretty much been in a pissy mood for a week now, with no signs of it improving. Being in the happening town we live in, our new years eve consisted of going to the base gym (which was pretty much empty) and playing racquetball for 10 mins and bumping a volleyball around for a little bit. Then we went to one of the best restaurants in town (sarcasm), Braum's, and got ice cream. Even that didn't cheer me up. Ice cream ALWAYS cheers me up. We drove around Enid for a while, and then came home. Now it's 9pm and I'm pretty much ready to go to bed.

It's been tough since we've been back here after our trip home. All, and I do mean all, of our military friends are still out of town. Our entire neighborhood is like a ghost-town. No one is around. Mark hasn't been working since he doesn't go back to work until Monday, and it's really hard for me to go to work when I know that he's hanging out at home. Plus one of my good friends at work has been off since I got back, so work isn't half as much fun without her there. I just hope I can snap out of this mood soon. It's getting old feeling so depressed. I have no ambition to do anything. I get off work around 1pm, and then I come home and eat, and then I sit on the couch for the rest of the night. Granted, I'm usually on the computer, or knitting, or writing letters, or reading or something, but I feel so unmotivated. All I can think about is moving away from here (in 91 days). I'm completely living in the future and not in the present, and I know that's not good, but I can't help it.

Today work pulled a REALLY crappy stunt. Luckily it didn't affect me, but I felt really bad for all my co-workers. They (the bosses) had put on the office calendar about a month ago that everyone would get to leave at 2pm today. Well today at NOON, they decide to tell everyone that they were just kidding and everyone gets to work until 5pm... I felt so bad for my co-workers who'd already made plans and had to cancel them because the bosses changed their minds at the last minute. It just seemed like it was all sorts of wrong to me, and I was upset for my co-workers. That place has way more than one problem, but their main problem is how crappy they treat the "pee-ons" sometimes. It's just grossly unfair how the managers get so many perks and everyone else in the office get nothing. Oh well. I only have 3 more months there anyway... Not even.

Anyway, tomorrow Mark and I are going to go to OKC to get in touch with civilization again. We want to see a movie and go out to eat, and while we're down there I'm going to check out fabric for a ring sling I want to make, and we want to get a better tripod for our camera. Mark had our good camera on our current tripod outside last night, and the camera is so heavy and the tripod is so light that the wind almost blew it over. That wouldn't have been good. We also want to check out car-top carriers for when we go home and then move to Phoenix in April.

Hope you all have (had) a safe New Year's Eve.

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Elsbit said...

I hope that you start feeling more positive soon! When you feel down just thing of your little one and the excitement with her!