Thursday, December 4, 2008

Almost to 16 weeks!

The visit with my parents was great. It was so nice having them here, even when we were just relaxing. It kind of annoys me though, how quickly I revert to "kid mode" when my mom is around. My mom is a domestic queen. She loves cooking and cleaning (weird, I know) and all that domestic stuff, so when she's here she pretty much takes over the kitchen. That's fine with me, because I miss her cooking and I don't mind too much when she cleans (although sometimes I wish she'd just relax). It does annoy me how easy it is for me to just let her do it though. It's my house and I feel like I should be the one cooking and cleaning, and I always feel guilty afterwards that I let her do all the work.

Most of our Christmas shopping is done, which is a relief. Now I need to get the rest of the presents wrapped. I think this is the first year I'm more excited to go to IL than stressed out. It's been somewhat hard for me to be around Mark's family bc he is pretty much the prodigal son when he goes home since he's not home nearly as much as his brothers. I've never really felt like I've measured up in their eyes, but I'm sure that's all in my head. And it's probably just as much in my head that now that I'm pregnant with his baby I'll be "worth" more.

This week we ordered a really nice Santoku knife from one of our credit card reward programs. It's probably worth at least $100, but we got it for free by using our points. We got an okay set of knifes for our wedding (2.5 years ago), but they are impossible to keep sharp bc they're not the best quality. So I'd been wanting a good knife for a while. This new knife is AMAZING! My other knives would barely cut through an onion without pushing really hard, and this new one - you don't even have to push! It's a lot heavier than our cheaper knives too. I LOVE it! Someday we'll have to upgrade all of our knives, but I'm really happy with the one for now. Now I would like to get a nice, big, wooden cutting board. We usually use plastic ones, and I think they make our knives go dull quickly. I can't wait to someday have a nice kitchen, with lots of cabinet and counter space, and preferably a 6 burner gas stove and a double oven. =) I don't want much... I know. Maybe 30 years from now we'll have something like that, and then I'll spend all my time in the kitchen! I'd be spending more time in the kitchen now if my stupid kitchenaid stand mixer worked. I got that for our wedding also, and I've used it MAYBE 20 times and I think the gears have already gone out in it or something. It doesn't mix at all on the lower speeds, you have to turn it all the way up and it only works on the fastest speeds. It's annoying.

Tomorrow is Mark's squadrons Chritmas party and Saturday we're going to Saltimbanco (a Cirque du Soleil show) in OKC. Next Wednesday is my work Christmas party and our 16 week OB appt. and then the following Tuesday we're off to IL. Time seems to be flying by! Next week I'll be 4 months pregnant! I can't believe it!

To those of you that have been making suggestions in the comments, thank you so much!! I've been taking notes! And if you haven't voted on what you think we're having yet, go to the main page of our blog on the top right corner and vote!!


Elsbit said...

I'm really surprised that your mixer crapped out. I have one and it works great and my mom has had her kitchen aid mixer for 20+ years no problem!

As for measuring up, I am sure the love you just fine and you are being a worry wart. :)

Since I am fresh off pregnancy I can give you all kinds of advice. LOL, like my multiple taste testing of tons of antacids I have found that the spearmint rolaids version is best vs generic, tums, publix, walmart brand, etc. hee hee. The rolaids is much softer on the palate and the minty flavor is far superior to fruit when you have to eat a bunch. LOL.

michelle lynn said...

You are so funny. I think part of the reason I am going back home is to purposely revert into 'child mode' because cleaning and cooking with 2 in diapers is just a little much for me. So jealous of your new knife, I just learned that the reason I always cry from cutting an onion is because my knives suck, lol!