Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wet Weinas

Not a whole lot has been going on here lately. I found out Monday that my job is going to let me stay for a little while longer - at least through the end of June, maybe through part of July or longer. I really like working part-time. I'm kinda getting a lot of the crap work to do, but I actually don't mind it too much. It's better than not having a job and it keeps me busy while I'm there, so I can't really complain.

Mark and I took the weinas to a park this past weekend. We met up with 2 other couple's and their dogs. All the other dogs were MUCH bigger than our weinas. Sadie was terrified at first. They all came up to see her and she started running around on the end of the leash and the dogs were following her and she lets out this bark/scream. It was pretty funny. They actually went swimming in the lake all by themselves! When we were in FL, Ollie didn't really want to have anything to do with the water. We'd have to carry him in and then he'd swim back to shore. But they both jumped right in the little lake and swam around. It's funny to watch a weina dog swim. Ollie gets a little top heavy sometimes and starts falling over in the water. I wish we'd gotten some pictures. Maybe next time.

We're going camping this weekend with our friends Chris and Jessica. I'm pretty excited about that. It'll be our first time camping since we've been married and a first time for the weinas too. We bought some sleeping bags and mats on Sunday, and I bought Mark a tent for our 1 year anniversary. We're really looking forward to it so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Mark and I have been playing our keyboard more lately. Mark got it for his college graduation. It's decent... but it's a keyboard. They just feel completely different than pianos do. Playing the keyboard REALLY makes me miss my piano at my parents house. Someday hopefully we'll be able to get a digital piano to move around with us while Mark is in the military bc they're easier to move and you don't have to worry about tuning them. They're pretty expensive though so we'll have to save up for a while first. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to go to my 10 year high school reunion this year (am I really that old?), but if I do, I'm going to bring all my sheet music so I can play my piano while I'm there. =)

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