Sunday, June 8, 2008

Swimming, storms and a few pics

Not too much exciting going on in our lives right now. We're enjoying using our pool pass that we got for the base pool. We went Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we both have pretty good tans now. They have lap swims twice a day, so we've been trying to go to that a few times a week. I'm way out of shape though, so doing one lap leaves me pretty out of breath. I think my technique is really bad though - like I don't do my breathing right, so I always end up swallowing water and then I have to stop and cough. I'm not the most graceful person in the water, but hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be better at swimming and more in shape. I tried to find a "competition" swimming suit here in Enid (meaning not a fashion swim suit, but one my boobs will stay in when I try to swim laps) and of course they don't have anything like that here. So I ordered 2 suits online, a one piece and a 2 piece with a sports bra type top. Hopefully they fit.
My boss at work still seems to be really wishy-washy about if I'll have a job past this 2 week training period. One day she seems to be very optimistic that they'll keep me and the next day she's muttering things about the "big boss" under her breath and how she never knows what's going on... So... who knows what will happen but I'm not really going to worry about it too much. It'll stink if they don't keep me around longer than 2 weeks because they're pretty flexible with my hours, especially since I'm part-time now, and they pay better than most jobs in Enid, full or part-time. It's hard training the girl I'm training right now to do my job because she doesn't like it nearly as much as I did. She complains about having to enter so much stuff into the computer system and having to use the adding machine so much. I liked doing that stuff and she thinks it's a big chore. So it's a little tough but oh well. I love working part time though. It really is perfect. I can go in at 8am and be home before 12:30pm. I can grocery shop during the non-busy times and work out in the afternoons and keep the house clean and still have lots of time to spend with Mark. We both really like my current schedule. Mark keeps saying how much he likes me working part time too. So hopefully this will last.
Right now we have pretty bad weather here. There are thunderstorm warnings all over, along with lots of tornado watches. Oklahoma is SO windy! Even when it's 95 degrees out, there are still high winds (as in 20mph average winds) and the wind is hot. I'm used to cool breezes, but here they have hot winds. It's odd. It's really blustery outside right now with the storm rolling in. Mark is standing in our living room filming out the back door and it's starting to lightning out and he just said he could feel the heat from the lightning... Kind of scary. The storms roll in really quickly here, and it seems like there's rarely just a normal thunderstorm, most of them are pretty severe with high winds, lots of lightning and thunder, complete downpours of rain, sometimes hail and more often than not, tornados. I'm very glad Mark is home now. It doesn't freak me out very much when he's here with me, but when I'm home alone, the storms scare me quite a bit... especially if it's at night.
Here are a few pics from before and after our trip that I thought you might enjoy.
Grandma teaching me to knit a new stitch.

My grandma playing bowling in a Wii with my mom. Too funny!!! She's 93!!

The weinas love the back window of the car.

Ollie was determined to not be left behind this time. (He's in the suitcase.)

MSOE holds a special place in both our hearts, since that's where we fell in love, and Mark graduated from there with his engineering degree. =)


Em said...

I think I missed something. Why are you training your replacement if you like the job more than she does, do it better than she does, and don't want to leave?

Monica B said...

Bc I quit the job to go on our Europe trip and the new controller has a thing against military spouses and likes this new girl bc she spends most of her time kissing his butt. I wouldn't be too surprised if the company went downhill pretty quickly with the new controller... He doesn't know the first thing about balancing anything, let alone leading a team of accountants.. Should be interesting.

Tanya and Patrick McNally said...

The doggies are so cute!