Friday, December 30, 2016

Jamison at 20 months

This month has been a big crazy with the new addition to our family, and with you turning in to a full blown toddler, melt downs and all.  I still refer to you as the baby, because you are very much still my baby, but you are also trying very hard to spread your wings a bit too.  You are lucky you couldn’t be cuter if you tried.


We had a bit of a rough patch with your sleep this month before Josie arrived.  You were waking up 2-3 times per night and we never really knew why.  You had a bit of a cold and you also had a bout of bronchitis where you sounded horrible, but it didn’t dampen your spirits too much.  You were on rounds of steroids and antibiotics though to help clear out your lungs.  Luckily once we got Josie home from her hospital stays, you were back to sleeping through the night.  You still take a 2-3 hour nap most days and then are in bed between 8 and 8:30pm and get up around 8am most days.  You’re not asleep that whole time usually, but you’re in bed anyway.


You’ve been a little more picky this month with eating, but again, you’re asserting your independence.  And you still eat better than the big kids.  Your favorites are little oranges, yogurt, eggs, any type of cookies (which you call keecoo’s), any sort of chocolate and cheese.  I’ve been trying to get you to drink your milk out of a cup, and you do, but you still get bottles as it’s just easier to give it to you in there.  You eat well with a spoon and you can also drink well out of a cup without a lid too.


You LOVE baths.  You ask to take a bath every single night and you throw a fit when we say no, it’s not bath night.  But it’s adorable.  You say “bafffff” and do the sign for it and if we say yes, you run as fast as your fat little legs will carry you to the bathroom and if we say no you throw yourself on the floor and flail around.  You also LOVE going outside.  You’d be happy if I just let you roam around outside all day, but I can’t because you try to climb up on the play set by yourself which terrifies me.  You are pretty fearless and you like to climb.  But you also like to try to ride the bikes and scooters out there too.


You try SO hard to keep up with the big kids.  They have a bad habit of going in to a room and shutting the door and you get so mad, which I can’t blame you.  If they are doing something, you are watching and trying to do whatever they are doing too.  You are learning to push your weight around with Ben and you’ve been known to smack him when he’s bugging you, which is most of the time.  I think you’re going to be bigger than he is in general, so it’ll be interesting when you get bigger and he can’t dominate you like he tries to do now.  If I am taking their picture you run up and get into the middle of them and smile really big.  Pretty darn funny.



Now you love turning things on and off, especially lights.  If lights are on, chances are you’re going to turn them off very shortly.  If doors are open, you will shut them.  This is especially fun when I try to put clothes from the washer into the dryer and you’re standing there trying to slam the dryer door shut.  You love riding your giraffe bike and you love putting the Duplo Legos together too.


You have been great with Josie so far.  You can say “Josie” and you always say “baby” and point to her every time you see her.  It’s pretty cute.  You are very interested in her and sometimes you like to test you’re limits.  Like if I tell you to touch nice, sometimes you try to smack her.  And you’re not a big fan of when she’s crying.  You tend to try to make just as much noise as she is.  That’s especially fun.



IMG_9051IMG_9069IMG_9059 (1)


You are talking a bunch now.  Yesterday you said “Mommy!  Gook!” when you wanted me to look at something.  You can say all the dogs names now.  (You used to just call them all Sadie.)  We’re working on more body parts and animal sounds.  You LOVE to sing songs and if a song comes on the TV, it ALWAYS catches your attention no matter what you’re doing.   You discovered juice this month and you ask for it quite frequently.  You still like to snuggle, but you’re definitely in to lots of things now including – climbing on chairs, Ben’s train table and bed and the kitchen bench, getting the covers off of outlets, trying to stick anything you can into the outlets, riding the Roomba, etc.  It makes it hard when I’m tied to a pump or a baby when you’re doing all of that….




But you’re still pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  Your cheeks are super kissable and I call you my little love bug and you are.  You are a sweet boy who gives the cutest little grins ever and we still can’t get enough of you.  And you smile every time you see us hold up a phone or get out the camera which is adorable.  I can’t believe you’ll be 2 in a few months!  I don’t want you to get bigger!



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