Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween, 2016


This year we did a “How to Train Your Dragon” theme.  Abbie was Astrid, Ben was Hiccup and Jamison was the dragon.  I figured we’ll do the themed Halloween costumes as long as the kids will let us.  They love thinking of ideas for their costumes so it’s fun.



Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween and most of the kids in the area come to our neighborhood.  We have upwards of 1000 kids come through.  It’s nuts.  We try to trick or treat half the time and hand out candy half the time and the kids love doing both.

Jamison was so interested in the decorations.  Even though some of them are pretty scary, he wasn’t scared at all and just checked them all out.  He couldn’t quite say trick or treat yet, but he would sign please and then sign and sometimes say thank you when he was given candy.  It was adorable and many of our neighbors loved that he did that.  Abbie loved leading Jamison around the neighborhood and he did pretty well keeping up.  Daddy had to carry him towards the end a little and it was really chilly that day.



Ben had to go potty (and I did too) so we headed back a little early so he could pee and then we started handing out candy.  All 3 of the kids loved handing out candy as well, even Jamison.  It was a fun night and we got enough candy to last us 2 months!



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