Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jamison at 13 months

I am way late on this because I just don’t know where the time goes, and time is flying by at lightning speed right now.  And you are growing up way too fast.


The biggest things that happened this month were you started blowing kisses (which we LOVE) and you’re getting a ton of teeth.  You’re getting at least 4 molars along with the next teeth in the front.  You’ve been a drooling mess, but still happy for the most part.  Getting you to go to bed at night has been a big of a challenge lately.  You SCREAM if we walk out and you’re not totally asleep, but luckily once you are asleep you’re usually good all night.  You are usually the center of attention and you have no problem inserting yourself into the madhouse that we live in.  If Daddy and Benji are playing on the floor, you are right there in the mix.  If the kids are on the floor watching tv, you have no reservations of crawling all over them.  You are cruising all over the place and you love pushing around your little toy we got you.  You don’t like it when Ben runs in to you with your giraffe toy, but we’re working on that….






You are a pointing machine now and you point at EVERYTHING.  Toys, food, you name it.  If it catches your attention, you point at all.  You are also quite the little “helper”.  If I open the dishwasher, you are on the door almost immediately.  If the vacuum is out, you are chasing it and trying to push it yourself.  You aren’t afraid of much.  You undo my cleaning as fast as I can clean, but that’s okay.  I like having you as my little side kick.



We’ve discovered camping is a bit more difficult with you at this age.  You are in to everything and you constantly have to be supervised.  We are afraid you’re going to push the screen out the door on the trailer and go face first down the stairs, so we just bought a screen cover to keep you in.  You crawl everywhere now, so no more sitting you on a towel and having you stay put.  Having to keep you away from the fire, out of water, things out of your mouth, out of the road, etc is a full time job so it’s not exactly relaxing anymore.  We figured out that if we put the big kids on the couch and dinette and you in your pack n play in the bunkhouse area, we all sleep much better.  Not exactly how we thought we’d use the trailer, but it works for now.  Overall, though, you are a great little traveler.  You don’t tend to sleep much in the car – your naps at home are MUCH longer, but you’re usually pretty content riding on long car rides, thank God.



You love playing with the big kids and you are constantly studying what they are doing.  They do a pretty good job of including you and playing with you.  I have to say, right now you are about 300% easier to deal with than they are.   You require a lot of supervision, but you are generally happy and easy going and you don’t sass constantly or argue.  You pretty much just want to play and sit around grinning most of the time.  Thank God.



I love rocking you to sleep for your nap every day.  You love to sleep folded in half or with your arms tucked underneath you.  None of the others have slept like you do but you seem most comfortable all curled up.  It’s pretty cute and sometimes you zonk out pretty quickly on me.  Now if we could just get you to do that at night!!




Your current favorite things are looking at fans and Daddy.  When you hear the big kids scream “Daddy’s home!!!” in the evening, you perk right up and you go crawling to him as fast as you can.  I’m not sure who’s more excited to see who though.  Mark loves to play with you and you have so much fun when he chases you or wrestles with you.  It’s fun to watch you guys interact for sure.




You are signing “all done” and “drink” and sometimes “thank you”.  You say “tan too” for thank you.  You still call all animals dogs.  You like to read books and you love to push cars.  And balloons catch your eye like none other.



You truly are the best thing ever right now and we love you whole bunches!


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