Monday, May 16, 2016

9 weeks in to pregnancy #4

Last Friday I had my first appointment for this pregnancy.  It was a little weird not having anything until I was almost 9 weeks, but that's how it worked out this time.  I am trying my best to just enjoy this pregnancy (since it will most likely be my last) and not let worry take over.  I've had a good "vibe" about it since I found out and I haven't been too hesitant to tell friends and family members like I was last time.

Overall, I feel pretty good.  I am tired, like I usually am in the first trimester, and I could easily sleep 20 hours a day, but other than that, I feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel great between 4-6pm, but I think it's because I get hungry.  If I eat a snack I'm usually much better, but 4-6pm is the witching hour here where I'm trying to fix dinner, the kids are going nuts, the dogs are hungry and it's just chaos.  So let's add another one to the mix.  Why not?

My new OB, Dr Klis, seems pretty nice.  The OB practice is HUGE.  There are 14 OB's there and a ton of other NP's.  It was interesting going to a place that big since all the other places I've been to are pretty small.  It has a cafe and gift shop in the waiting area its that big.  Crazy.  I had a whole list of questions for him and he answered them pretty well, although some of his answers surprised me, like I can have ibuprofen from weeks 12-32..  That was news to me, since I haven't taken it in any of my other pregnancies.  I REALLY wanted an ultrasound this time, just for peace of mind that the baby was alive and there was only one.  Dr Klis ordered one, which was great, but the place couldn't fit me in.  Luckily a lady at the front talked to the manager of the whole place and she walked me down there really quick so they could do a quick abdominal u/s.  We saw the little bean and the heart rate was 165, so I was excited about that.  It took about 3 minutes and they kept saying this isn't "official" which was fine with me.  I get a "real" u/s in 3 weeks before my next appt with the OB.

I am already showing, which is great...  I guess 4 babies will do that to you.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've been 4lbs heavier but I'm still in a normal BMI range so I guess that's okay.  This is my first "AMA" pregnancy (advanced maternal age) since I'm over 35, so I get special treatment because of that I guess.  I can't sleep through the night now without getting up to pee, so that's fun too...

Nine weeks down, 30ish to go!

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