Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jamison at 11 months



One month until the big O-N-E!  Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I had you!  You are such a fun baby and you’re in the stage now where parenting is getting harder.  This month you took off with crawling.  You started to get around, but still did more army crawling on your belly, right before we left for Hawaii, but during our week in HI, you took off and you crawl all over the place now.  And you’re fast!  Daddy and I say you look like a little bull dog with your arms slightly bent and your elbows pointing out.  You put your little head down and you charge when you want to go fast.  You try so hard to keep up with the big kids, but usually by the time you get to them they’ve moved again.  Sometimes you crawl with one leg sticking out and you use the bottom of your foot to push you along, so I know walking it’s too far off now.  And last night you pulled yourself up to a stand for the very first time in your crib.  You are able to get up on your knees and stand on your knees pretty easily, and today I held on to your hands and you stood right up!  My days of plopping you on the floor next to me and having you stay there are over.  Now doors are shut, outlets are all plugged, cords are put away and I spend all day making sure nothing little is on the floor that you could choke on.  You’re getting 2 more teeth on the bottom so now you have 8 – 4 on top and 4 on the bottom.


You still love to eat, although baby food doesn’t seem to be your favorite anymore.  The chunky baby food grosses you out, but that’s about it.  You completely weaned yourself while we were in HI too.  You just don’t want to be still to nurse anymore and if I do get you to be still, you want to be facing out.  So I didn’t make it to a year like my goal was, but we made it to about 10.5 months.  I still have you on formula and I just started mixing organic whole milk into the bottles so hopefully by the end of this month you’ll be on just organic milk.  You still won’t sign anything to us and if I ask you to sign more for more food you throw an absolute fit.  Throw your head back and your arms up and you scream, so I know you know what we’re saying, you’re just stubborn.  You still don’t say words on any regular basis although you LOVED watching the birds on the porch in HI and you would say “Buh” when they came around.  Sometimes when the dogs are around you say “dah”, but I’m not 100% sure that’s on purpose yet.  You babble a ton and are making all sorts of noises, but I’m not sure any of them are your first words yet.  You will clap if we clap but you don’t wave really.  We’re still working on that.  You don’t point at things really, but you use your pointer finger to touch things a lot.  I tend to worry that you aren’t reaching your milestones on time, but daddy isn’t worried at all.  I’m a professional worrier so half the time I’m able to make up things to worry about, but you have been pretty consistently behind on most milestones, although nothing to be super worried about.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t get you to make eye contact with me to save my life, but you are very social and smile at everyone and love to be with us.


You are fascinated with balls and cars.  Anything that rolls or moves, you like.  We can give you a ball and you will roll it and chase it all over the house now and you LOVE looking at Benji’s cars and trucks.  He has a big garbage truck that you get so excited to see.  I have stacking cups from Ikea and you love to stack those up with me and then put them all inside each other.  Ben and Abbie both love to play with you and help with you.  Benji calls you Jay-ma baby, so we all call you that now, or bay-ber, or little monker.  You are in all size 18 month clothes now and as soon as these size 3 diapers are gone, you’ll be in size 4 all the time.  You are pretty much down to one nap most days and it lasts 2-3 hours and then you sleep from around 8pm to 8am most nights.  You’re getting better about putting yourself back to sleep if you do wake up at night crying.  You just sputter a minute or two and then go back to sleep.  That might change now that you’re standing up because you don’t know how to sit yourself back down.


You are a good baby.  You have your own agenda and we already see your strong personality coming out and it reminds us so much of Abbie at that age.  But you were a great little traveler on your first plane trip and you’re pretty adventurous.  You LOVED the sand at the beach and you liked swimming with daddy and you like crawling around in the grass.  You’re not intimidated by much (except daddy’s singing – that makes you cry – haha!).  You love music and you get to bouncing every time you hear a good beat.



And you are just the cutest little monker I’ve ever seen.


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