Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jamison at 10 months


Only two more months until a whole year!!  You are changing by leaps and bounds right now – or maybe crawls and sitting ups…


We had your 9 month appointment a few weeks late.  You were 30.5” long (95%), 21lbs 9.5oz (58%) and your head was 46.5cm (76%).  So you’re following the norm for our kiddos.  Long and lean, although you have quite a bit of baby chub and we love it.  Daddy and I have a hard time not nibbling on you all the time or squeezing your chunky little legs and arms.  You’re pretty much the cutest thing ever.


You are finally getting the hang of crawling a little bit.  You can sit up by yourself now (get yourself into the sitting position) and you get up on all 4’s and rock.  You’re just starting to move your hands and legs and you have taken a few “steps” crawling.  You will roll yourself to the wood floor and then you push yourself backwards all over it and you can go from sitting in front of the couch to all the way over to the pantry door pretty quickly.  It’s nice we don’t have stairs in this house, but it also makes it hard to block any of it off from you.  We just have to keep an eye on you much more closely now.




Lately you haven’t had a whole lot of interest in nursing, which makes me a little sad.  I was hoping to make it to a year with nursing you, but I’m not sure we’re going to make it.  You will nurse great in the mornings – I typically nurse you about 20-25 mins in the mornings, but the rest of the day is hit or miss.  Sometimes you’re just not interested.  I used to be able to nurse you to sleep for naps, but now you just push off of me and get mad.  Sometimes I can get you to nurse for 5 mins or so during the day, but usually not…  If I’m lucky I can nurse you for about 10 mins before you bedtime bottle.  I’ll keep trying but it’s not looking too good at this point.  I think I’m losing my supply and you love bottles.


You love food, on the other hand, and there’s pretty much nothing that we don’t feed you.  If we have it, you have it too (except for sweets and drinks other than water).  You love to eat and you get very excited when it’s meal time.  I’m trying to get away from the puffs and melts and baby foods because you’re totally ready for everything else, it’s just hard to find things that are easily portable and don’t need to be refridgerated.  You get upset if we eat something infront of you and don’t share.  You can drink through a straw now too.


You’re still in size 3 diapers and size 12 month clothes, although I think I’m going to move you to 18 month clothes soon as soon as I can find them.  (One of the bags of clothes is missing and I can’t find it…)  We can ask you to give us something and you will hand it to us now.  You’re still not saying any words, but you babble a lot and make your wants pretty clear.  You love being outside.  90% of the time you are a happy, smiley boy.  Last night you totally threw us for a loop and were up and upset from 12:15am to almost 3am.  You’re very aware when we leave the room now and you’re not very happy when we do.  Last night you just wouldn’t settle and you kept sitting up in bed and then seemed like you didn’t know how to lay back down, although you do.  We lowered your mattress this month too so you won’t fall out when you learn to stand up.  You love playing with cars and you make little “brrrrrrrm” noises when you push them around.  It’s adorable.  You like to look at books with us and I try to read to you every day.  Abbie loves to read to you too.


You are such a fun little dude right now.  You are pretty easy going, although you know what you want.  You’re pretty easy to distract and if you’re crabby, you’re tired or hungry or sick.  You laugh so easily and the big kids love to get you giggling.  Can’t wait to see what this next month brings, but don’t grow up too fast!


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