Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jamison at 9 months


I can’t believe you’re already 9 months old!  This is my favorite age so far with you.  You’re such a happy, smily baby most of the time, except when you’re hungry or tired.  You still aren’t crawling yet, but you roll every where and you can roll across the living room pretty darn quickly.  You’re trying hard to sit up, but you do crunches trying to do it instead of rolling on your side and pushing up with your arms.  Eventually you’ll figure it out.


You eat pretty much anything and everything.  We gave you eggs this month, and I was worried about you being allergic to them, but you didn’t have any sort of reaction and you seem to really like them.  But that’s not surprising – you like pretty much anything we put in front of you.  This month I gave you a little shaved ham lunch meat and you love it.  You also got some of my cottage cheese and applesauce and you love that as well.  We give you little bits of whatever we’re eating and you love it.  You also just learned out to drink out of a straw but you’re not a huge fan of cold water.  You like room temp better.  You start fussing and screaming if we eat in front of you and don’t give you some.  I really don’t know how many ounces of formula/breast milk you’re getting.  The amount you nurse seems to vary quite a bit depending on the day.  You nurse great first thing in the morning and then I nurse you anywhere from 2-4 more times throughout the day typically, but sometimes you are SO distracted.  It’s easier to feed you a bottle sometimes because you’re so squirmy.  You get 1-3 bottles per day ranging from 4-10oz.  It’s kind of all over the place.  It’ll be interesting to see what you weigh at your appointment this month and how you’re gaining weight.  You don’t seem to be losing, that’s for sure, but you’re more interested in solids than liquids at this point.  I want to make it to a year nursing you and you’re doing better than the other 2 were at this point!


Daddy is one of your biggest fans.  He always tells me how excited he is to get home from work to kiss on your fat cheeks.  He loves carrying you around and squeezing your chunky legs.  You get SO excited to see him when he gets home from work.  You start waving all of your appendages and grunting.


You’re still in size 3 diapers and are still wearing size 9-12 months.  I might move you up to 12-18 months soon though.  You have 5 teeth and the 6th is poking through.  (Two on bottom and 4 on top.)  You figured out how to drink through a straw this month and you love looking at touch and feel books.


You love to have your arms tucked in underneath you when you sleep.  It’s pretty cute.  And when I get you up on the morning, the first thing you do is snuggle in to my shoulder and shove your arms between us and bring your little legs up.  I love it.  You’re pretty good in the car now too.  On really long trips sometimes you get a little fussy, but usually if we give you a bottle you’re good to go for a while.



You still don’t clap or wave really.  Not on purpose anyway.  But you respond to your name, and you make it very clear what you want with your little grunts and whines.  You’re afraid of the Roomba, but you are okay if we’re holding you.  You just don’t like to be down on the floor by yourself if it’s running.  You still fuss most of the time when we put you to sleep.  But lately we haven’t been able to get you to fall asleep while we nurse you or give you a bottle.  You start tossing and turning and throwing your head back so we’ve started putting you in bed while you’re awake.  You definitely protest, but within 5 mins your usually asleep.  You love to be out and about, just like the other two did/do, and you’re pretty happy when we go for walks.


Daddy and I talk all the time about what a sweet little monker you are.  You make me want another baby.  You’re a lot of fun right now and it’s hard to believe that in a few years you’ll be driving me nuts like the other two do.  This is such a great age, though.  Wish I could keep you like this forever.


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