Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ben’s Birthday Letter from daddy

Happy Birthday My Little Benjamin                                              8 Dec 2013

You turn 2 years old today.  I can’t believe it…seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital.  Of course in this last year you’ve changed quite a bit.  You went from being partially mobile to completely mobile.  Now all you want to do is run everywhere; “Daddy run…daddy run” every time we are walking to the car.  I fear you and Abbie might wear a rut in the tile as much as you both run back and forth through the kitchen and dining room.  Of course with your new found mobility came your discovery of gravity and its effects.  Kid, I don’t think your legs or head are ever without a bruise or bump on them anymore. 

Boy do you love things with motors.  It amazes me how fascinated you are with planes, trains, cars, motorcycles, and even golf carts.  Your interest in them started early.  I think your first word was “pane” (for plane).  Now you have hundreds of cars to play with and you play with them all the time.  I love watching you plop down next to your car with the side of your head on the floor watching the car as you push it back and forth.  I can tell you’re studying every aspect of it.  I love how you run and get me a car to play with too.  And then we sit on the couch pushing cars back and forth together and crashing them into one another.  I wish I could bottle those times up.  I think you’re going to be my little helper when you get older.  You already are but I know for certain you’ll be out in the shop with me working on projects.  I’m excited for that…but let’s not get there too quickly; I don’t want you to grow up too fast. 

You’re an amazing little guy!  You have such a kind heart.  I watch how empathetic you are toward people, even Abbie.  Abbie gets upset about something and usually you are quick to say you’re sorry and give her a hug.  I know that probably won’t last too long but it certainly shows where your heart is already.  The foundation is there and we didn’t even have to teach it; God just gave it to you.  You’re a sweat little man, the world needs more of you.

But not more of your snot!  Seriously, you snot more than 3 people combined, where does it all come from?  I know where most of it is going to end up; smeared on the side of your face or plastered on the couch, usually both.  I feel bad for you always dealing with the snots, but you don’t seem to care too much.  You’re too busy studying the motion of your cars.  There is no time for that thick string of snot dangling dangerously near you upper lip.  **Swipe swipe** There, that’s better.  Just put it out of the way on your cheeks so it can dry.

I’m proud to be your dad, little buddy!  I’m excited to watch you grow, learn, and experience this life.  We’ll have fun together out in the garage, in the yard, on the basketball court, or maybe even in a little airplane (if mom allows).  Keep doing what you’re doing little man.  I love you Benjamin!

Your Dad

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