Friday, July 12, 2013

Family photos


One of the main things I wanted to do when we went back to IL in June was to see my grandma.  She had her 98th birthday while we were there, although we weren’t able to attend her party because we were attending Mark’s older brother's ordination to the priesthood, which happened on the same day.  These are all the pictures I took of our families while we were up in IL for the few short days we were there.


My parents, Mark, the kids and I went out to lunch with my grandma at our favorite Thai restaurant in my grandma’s town.  The food is AMAZING!  I wish we could find good Thai food like that here.  Actually, we probably could, I just haven’t looked.


My mom wanted pictures of them with all their grandkids for their Christmas card this year, so I took a bunch of pictures of the 7 of them.  It was nearly impossible to get every one looking at the camera and smiling.  We probably would have needed 3 hours to get a great one, but these are the best ones we got in the 10 times I tried.  (Note:  when you’re part of large group photos, DON’T TALK.  Just stand there and smile.  I have about 20 pictures of both of my parents mid-word or noise or something and anyone looks goofy mid-word.  Just stand and smile – it makes things a zillion times easier.)


Abbie is probably one of the most photogenic people I’ve ever encountered.  These are two of my favorites of her with my parents, although I have a BUNCH of these and they all turned out great.


And here are a few pictures of the kids with uncle Alex and aunt Sarah.



Trying to split our time between our families isn’t easy and it stresses me out big time.  It seems like you never have enough time with anyone when you only see them a couple times a year.  Luckily my parents, Mark’s parents and Alex and Sarah have been to our house in Phoenix already this year.  And my parents and Alex and Sarah are also going to be here for another visit over the next few months, so we’re excited to see them all again!

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