Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A day at the zoo

Mark and his brother, Alex

While Mark's brother and his brother's wife were in town, we took them and the kids to the Phoenix Zoo.  The last time we were at this zoo, Abbie was 9 months old!  I can't believe it's been 3 years already!

Ben always has his little finger out, especially when he sees a plane of any sort.

Abbie loved having the attention of Uncle Alex and Aunt Sarah

My boys

Ben likes to lead the way wherever we go.  He usually likes to go in the exact opposite direction that we're trying to go.

Abbie had great fun dragging Sarah all over the place.

Ben found someone closer to his size, who I guess was eating chips.  He stared him down until the mom gave him a chip.  I didn't realize the kid was eating, but Ben snatched that chip and walked off.  Little turd.

This is Abbie at 9 months old - the last time we we
Here she is today!

Trying to get them to act like they like each other is next to impossible.

Leading the way again.

I thought these goats were pretty creative!  Apparently the brother is the naughty one and the sister is there cheering him on.

Abbie loved the goats.
Ben was terrified of the goats.  This is as close as he got.

Abbie during this visit.

Abbie during our visit in 2010.

Abbie and Uncle Al riding the tractors

Abbie and Sarah in the clam!
So I told Abbie to be careful when we walked up to this - totally teasing her.  Then she wouldn't get near it until we convinced her it wasn't going to eat her.

And there was no way in heck she was getting near the crocodile until Uncle Al wrangled it!

Abbie wanted her picture taken on all the animals!

So Abbie has her pretend baby tarantula's that she "takes" everywhere with her.  So Mark wanted to pick her up so she could say hi to the tarantula on top of this building and she wanted NOTHING to do it.  We told her it was just like her "babies" but she still wanted nothing to do with it.  We asked her like 5 times and she would say, "No way, I am NOT going near that thing" all while shaking her finger.  That girl has some spunk...

It was a fun day at the zoo!  I'm sure we'll go a few more times while we live here.

PS:  I seriously hate using Blogger to write these posts.  Our other computer is supposed to be here this week, so then I can get back to editing my photos and writing these in WLW!  I'm so excited!

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Unknown said...

I can't ever get my kids to pose next to each other either. *Sigh*

Looks like they had a lot of fun! And not too hot yet!!