Sunday, August 5, 2012

4th of July in Barcis

I can’t believe I never posted this.   Time really is getting away from me these days…
For the 4th of July this year, we went up to Lake Barcis with a group of friends from the squadron.  Barcis is up in the mountains so the water was pretty cold since it is mountain run-off.  Quite a few people were in this mostly dry river bed, so we set up our lawn chairs and umbrella (for Ben) and grill and watched the kids have fun.
This is the extent of Ben’s time in the water.  Soon enough he’ll be chasing his sister everywhere.
The views were pretty and the water was crystal clear, so that made up for the rocks.
Abbie and her best friend, Luke, had lots of fun playing together.  They’re so cute to watch together.
The adults all watched as the kids ran around and burned some energy.
We brought the bumbo for Ben, thank God, since it would have been uncomfortable for him to sit on the ground because of all the rocks.  He had a great time watching the kids run around.  You can tell he wants to join in SO badly.  Soon enough I’ll be chasing after two kiddos.
A few of us walked back into the river bed a bit to see the dam back in there.  These pictures are from that walk.
I took these two pictures on our way back home.  This water is where the stream they were playing in ran into.
Definitely not a bad way to spend the 4th, but obviously the 4th of July over here is way different than it is in the States.  I really hope our next 4th of July will be celebrated in the States!

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