Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sunset walk

While we were with Mark’s family, we took a walk along the water at dusk and I had fun playing with my camera.  I’ve been shooting in full manual mode for a while now and I love the way some of these photos turned out.  Dawn and dusk really are the best time to take photos, and let’s face it, I’m never up at dawn.  (Well not intentionally anyway… Sometimes the kids have other ideas…)  All of these photos are SOOC (straight out of camera – aka – unedited.)




And my favorite view of the evening…


=)  Seriously, those are Levi 529’s.  We got Mark 3-4 pairs of them when we were in the States.  I love them!!


Unknown said...

The butt shot of Mark cracked me up -- you are too funny! We are still in 'full auto' mode with our DLSR....good for you learning manual mode!

Amanda said...

Bahahaha girl you are crazy! :)

Those pictures are fabulous!