Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeding the geese

While we were in Montgomery, Mark and I would go walking/jogging in a park nearby our house that had 3 little lakes on it.  There were TONS of geese and ducks, and before we moved out, we had two boxes of crackers to get rid of, so we headed to the park to feed the animals.

Abbie was very excited about feeding the ducks (although she was pretty much afraid of them).


As soon as the geese saw you coming, they would practically run over to you.  Abbie stayed VERY close to Mark when they were surrounded by birds.


This was a cute little family of geese.  Those parents didn’t let ANYTHING near their babies, and a few times they tore into other geese that got to close.  It was rather entertaining to watch and the babies were really cute!


Ben even got in on the bird feeding action!


This dude was my favorite.  He didn’t eat much, he just wandered around honking.  Plus he was pretty. 


Love my boys!  (Although this picture kinda freaks me out.  Ben’s hand looks like a weird paw or something because his hand is in a fist and Mark’s fingers are perfectly lined up behind his hand.  Weird!!)


See on those little things that look like bubbles on the top of the water?  They’re turtles!


We’ll miss Blount Park.  I would love to live within walking distance of a park like this someday.


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