Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Abbie’s Birthday letter from Mark

To My Abbie Rose,                                                 20 May 2012

This past year has been a whirlwind to say the least.  You have grown in so many ways; it’s not possible to cover them all here.  Last year I wasn’t around for your birthday and I missed over half of the year.  Fortunately, you’re mom kept me posted with emails, Skype calls, pictures, and blog posts.  So I still witnessed how much you changed during that time, and it certainly helped me get through those times that I missed you badly.  Fortunately, the biggest changes have occurred since I returned.  I vividly remember seeing you after those 6 months, patiently standing beside mom waiting to say hi to me face-to-face.  You didn’t look like my little baby girl anymore; you were taller and you had lost most of your baby fat.  Mom had you in that cute green dress I like with white leggings and your little brown shoes.  I was worried you would be too shy or nervous to give me a hug, but to my surprise you marched right up to me and gave your stinky, hairy dad a big hug and kiss without hesitation.  That’s your personality.  You’re outgoing, social, and rarely are you scared.  But even when you are scared you’re not embarrassed to say it; I suppose your candidness comes with your age.  I hope that never changes. 

You have more energy than any two people combined.  It’s amazing to watch you just go go go.  That is until you crash.  You’re not one to give in to being tired.  You will endure for as long as your little body will let you; then it shuts you down…and you crash.  I think that hints to your inner drive and ambition.  There are people out there, myself included, who could use that kind of natural motivation every once-in-awhile.  Your mom and I think you’re going to be a little dancer, or volleyball player, or track star, or the first woman president; suffice it to say we think you’re special and you have unlimited potential.  You proved that to us early on.  It was amazing to watch you learn to speak.  You’re vocabulary increases exponentially, it’s like you have a steel trap in that melon of yours.  You’re so analytical already too.  You shouldn’t be asking me the types of questions you are asking already…I’m not prepared for them yet.  You definitely challenge your mom and me. 

I’m looking forward to this year and what surprises you have up your sleeve.  We’re putting you into the Asilo here in Sarone so you can pick up some Italian and enjoy socializing with other little ones your age.  I have a feeling you’ll be spouting Italian at us after day one and be ordering for us at restaurants after day two.  There is never a dull moment with you.  You’re my special little girl who lights up my day when I get home from work.  Never fail you’re right there at the door yelling “Daddddeeee!!!” every day when I get home.  I love you very much Abbie Rose and I’m excited to see how much you grow and change this year.  Happy Birthday! 


Your Daddy

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