Friday, November 25, 2011





1. Is there a special dish you prepare that you are famous for?  No, not yet anyway, or not really.  We don’t normally do Thanksgiving with family due to the fact that we’ve always lived at least 12 hrs away from them, and since we’ve moved 5 times in the past 5 years, we’re never with the same people for Thanksgiving either.  (The joys of the military lifestyle.)  But this year I did take Oreo Truffles to the squadron Thanksgiving dinner and got lots of compliments on them and requests for the recipe.

2. Are you (did you) go Black Friday shopping ?  Nope, I’ve been checking out deals online, but the BX is the only place in Italy that would have black Friday deals and there wasn’t anything there I absolutely had to have.

3. What are your strangest holiday traditions?  Probably the strangest thing is that we really don’t have many traditions yet.  Although now that Abbie is 2.5, we should probably start making some since she’s old enough to know what’s going on and possibly remember.

4. Pecan or pumpkin pie? (She actually asked "Apple or pumpkin?" I just T-giving'ed it!)  Definitely pecan!  I don’t really like most pies, but pecan is one of the very few that I do like.

5. When will you put up your Christmas tree?  Hopefully we’ll get it up this weekend.  Let’s face it.  I’m almost 37 weeks pregnant and if it doesn’t get put up soon, it won’t get put up at all.


**Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!**


Tere said...

visiting from Five Question Friday

annies home said...

I am with you on the online shopping I missed black friday this year as well come see me at

Anonymous said...

We just got "The Elf on the Shelf" to start as a tradition...I hope I remember to keep it up, because it is quite cute.

Unknown said...

Speaking of, where's my oreo truffle recipe? They were amazingly delicious, Monica. If I close my eyes I can still taste one. :)