Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Abbie’s uncle Ryan

Abbie is pretty close to Mark’s brother, Ryan.  She’s ALWAYS talking about Uncle Ryan.  Ryan lives in Italy right now also, as he is studying in Rome to become a priest.  So we get to see him a few times a year and Abbie loves it when Uncle Ryan comes to visit.  We got to see Ryan (and the rest of Mark’s family) at Mark’s parents house before Ryan headed back to Italy.  Unfortunately Ryan threw his back out while putting Abbie in to her car seat, so I feel REALLY guilty about that, especially since the 9+ hour flight back to Italy was pretty miserable for him and he could barely walk the whole time we were visiting.  Sorry Ryan!  I feel so bad!
Ryan is coming to visit us at the end of October after we’re back in Italy so it’ll be fun to see him there too.  And hopefully he’ll be able to come out sometime after baby boy is born.


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Ryan said...

Don't worry Monica, I am about 90% better. There is no pain left to speak of and it is just a matter of time now before it is completely healed. It gave me great empathy for those that suffer from back pain. I look forward to seeing you guys in October. Ciao, Ryan!