Monday, August 1, 2011

July 2011 Abbie-isms

** The Theisen’s in Dubuque gives away free popcorn.  I had Abbie there a couple months ago, and my mom had her there once in the past month and both times we got her popcorn.  Today we went there so my mom could return something and as soon as we pulled in to the parking lot Abbie said “Grandma go get us popcorn??”.
**My mom sometimes tells the dogs to “vamanos” when she wants them to move and now Abbie says “Vamanos dogs” when they’re in her way.
**On the way home from town today, Abbie and I were listening to music in the car.  All of a sudden she said “I no like this song.  Turn it off, momma.”  I don’t even remember what song it was, but I thought she was just kidding until she got really persistent and asked me to turn it off a few more times.  When I did turn it off, she was happy as a clam and said  “Thanks momma.”
**Abbie has started telling me she wants to dance while we’re driving in the car and asks for “dance songs".  (She likes upbeat songs with good beats to them to “dance” to.)  And then she likes me to snap my fingers to the beat and she tries her hardest to figure out how to get her fingers to snap until she finally gives up and just starts clapping.  I love seeing the concentration on her face as she watches my fingers and then tries to get hers to do the same thing.
**Any time she sees those little reflections from sunlight hitting glass (like on your watch), she calls them “Tinkerbells”.
**I was sitting in the living room and all of a sudden Abbie started to cry her “I’m terrified” cry.  I went running in to her and my parents cat, Elsie, was in the process of puking up a hairball.  (Elsie pukes a lot.)  Abbie was absolutely traumatized by the sight of it though.  She was pointing at Elsie while crying “Elsie’s puking on the rug” and “Me no like Elsie puking” and “Elsie’s sick”.  It took me a while to get Abbie calmed down and she asked if Elsie was okay for the rest of the day.
**Abbie LOVES to ride in my dad’s truck.  Since my car is being repaired, I put Abbie’s car seat in the truck and she gets SO excited to leave now and she’s always talking about how fun it is to ride in Grandpa’s truck.  She likes it because it’s big and it’s loud and she asks to go fast in it.  Silly girl.
**I told Abbie to hold her horses and she gave me a quizzical look and said “Where are my horses?”.
**On our way to Chicago there was a commercial on the radio.  Abbie said, “I want to listen to music!  Push that button right there!” as she pointed to the button on the steering wheel that I push to change the channel.  It’s becoming apparent that she’s very particular about what she listens to.  She is also singing along to the radio more than she ever has before, which is fun to listen to.
**I have been teaching Abbie that the dogs growl when they are unhappy.  My mom and I were having a “heated discussion” on a car ride to town while Abbie was in the back seat.  She kept saying “Quit growling momma” and “Quit growling grandma”.
**We drove by large, shirtless, VERY hairy guy mowing his lawn the other day.  Abbie pointed at him and said “Look at that hairy guy.”  She was quiet for a few minutes and said “That’s nasty!”.
**Sometime over the course of this month, the dogs became hers, in her mind anyway.  (I don’t think the dogs agree.)  But she now refers to them as “My dogs.” and she definitely prefers if you don’t pet “her dogs” while she’s by them.


Brittney said...

I love that you do this. I am cracking up laughing over here. I was trying to read the big hairy guy one to Dan and couldn't even get through it, I was crying. I guess it's because I can totally see her saying these things. Too cute.

Rachel said...

LOL Abbie cracks me up, she is so freaking cute and smart! <3

Elsbit said...

Yeah the hairy one made me laugh out loud. :) I love it when E sings in the car and enjoy finding out what songs are her favorites. Kind of interesting to hear her choices.
I cannot believe how big A is getting! Wow!

Anonymous said...

wow how much she has grown in just the few months!
I love the growling part! She's going to be a great big sister.