Thursday, August 11, 2011

Georgetown Loop train ride

Abbie, my parents and I have made our way to Colorado to spend a week and a half here with my aunt and uncle and then a few days up in Steamboat Springs.  The flight here was a disaster since it was delayed for 3 hours (most of which we were sitting on the plane), didn’t get to my relatives until after 9:30pm.  Despite Abbie missing her nap, being stuck in a plane seat for almost 5 hours and being up until almost 11:30pm (IL time), she’s done REALLY well.  She’s back on her schedule and she’s just been a really good girl – happy, easy-going and fun to be around.  She’s definitely a good little traveler.IMG_6473

Today we took a little trip to Georgetown, CO and took Abbie on a steam engine train ride.  I think the train scared her at first because it was huge and loud, but once she was used to it, I think she had a really good time.


This train runs between Georgetown and Silver Plume, which are 2 miles apar,.  The railroad was started in 1879 and finished in 1884.  It was closed in the late 1930’s and then re-opened in 1975.


We had a beautiful day for our excursion.  It was in the mid-80’s and sunny with a nice breeze.  I would move to Colorado in a heartbeat if given the chance.  The Georgetown Loop was one of CO’s first visitors attractions.


This is Devil’s Gate High Bridge, that we first went under, and then over.  They have reconstructed the bridge since the original was built, but they said that when trains went over the original bridge, it would sway 4-5 feet.  Yikes!!




The tracks are 3.1 miles long and go up 640 feet in elevation.  It goes across 4 bridges and was grades as steep as 4%.



This railroad was built to haul goods from the Lebenon Silver mine, and the mine was one of the biggest silver mines in CO.



(Abbie befriended this gentleman on the ride back and had fun pointing things out to him.  I think he enjoyed her company too.)


(Abbie waving to her adoring fans.  ??  I have no clue what she was waving at, but she likes to wave.)



(Downtown Georgetown, CO)


My parents took me on a ride on this train when I was Abbie’s age, so my dad really wanted her to experience it too.  When we were driving away, Abbie said “Daddy will go ride trains with me when he gets home.”



Julie Danielle said...

How fun! I remember going there when I was about 16 I think. Cool place to visit.

CJ said...

I just love her expressions. She always seems very concerned and curious.

Lillie said...

Monica, I love the pictures of Abbie, your family, you, and the photos from Rocky Mountain National Park. You have some great pictures that I don't think need much editing. They are magnificent. I follow your blog and look forward to each edition. but I especially love the pictures. Makes me feel like I am experiencing it also. Thanks so much.

My health is stable. My Pulmonary Fibrosis seems at a stand still right now. Duke says I'm too well for a lung transplant, but had me do all the tests, so when and if I do need it, I will have all the necessary tests done. Still on O2 24/7, but have learned to handle it just fine.

Keep sendig the good stuff. I love it. Love to you all - Dan & Ro also. Good to see pictures of them looking great.