Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My new love.

We purchased one of our only big purchases for baby #2 last week.  I talked Mark into the 2011 BOB Revolution SE Duallie, and I absolutely LOVE this thing.
I knew I wanted to get a double stroller that was a side by side instead of a tandem, and I wanted one that I could use for walking/jogging also.  I have several friends who are “stroller guru’s” and most of them recommended the BOB to me.  I have a friend that I worked with in Oklahoma that has two kiddos, and she’s taken up running in the past year and has lost a ton of weight and is in great shape now.  She completely inspires me to kick it into gear after #2 is born and just get out and be more active.  She is one of the ones that recommended this stroller to me.
I’ve taken Abbie for a few walks on my parents road in this stroller and it’s an absolute dream to push.  Tonight I was walking both of my dogs with one hand and pushing the stroller with the other.  My dogs tend to pull a bunch when I take them for walks, but I had no problem controlling the stroller with one hand while I was constantly yanking on the dog’s leash and telling them to heel with the other.  Abbie really likes riding in the stroller too.  The first time I pushed her in it she said “This is niiice.”  =)
I’m debating on whether or not I want to buy a case for it.  JD Childress makes a custom case for the BOB Duallie’s, but the padded one is like $120 (non-padded is around $85).  I’m mainly worried about it getting beaten up during air travel, but I guess in all reality, I’m not sure we’ll be traveling with it by air a whole bunch.  I’m going to try to ship it back to Italy (if it’s not too big to mail via the USPS), and we’re just going to bring our single Maclaren back with us when we come back next June for Mark’s brother’s wedding.  Baby #2 will still be small enough to wear, so most likely I’ll have him/her in the Ergo if we’re out and about and then Abbie can ride in the stroller.  So we’d really only need the case for when we move back to the States and if we take it on any vacations with us when the kids are older.  I am hoping to have more than two kids though, so I know we’ll have this stroller for quite a few years and I just don’t want it to get all beat up with us moving every 2-3 years and all the traveling we do.  Do you think I should get the cover for it or just hold off for now?
I can’t wait for Mark to get back so he can see how great this stroller is too.  He’s the runner of the family right now and I know he’ll like pushing Abbie, and eventually #2, around in this during his runs once we get out of Italy and the crazy drivers and roads with no sidewalks.


Shelly said...

That looks awesome. I'm not a runner (yet), but hope to get into it and that is one thing I wish I had. It would have been better if I'd been using it while the boys were smaller, but that's hindsight.

Anonymous said...

So jealous! I had a bob single before we were expecting number two. We opted for the Phil & Ted stroller (we were unsure if we really wanted to have a stroller take up the back trunk of our Passat like the Dullie would) I really would take it back in a heart beat though the Phil & Ted surely does not compair to the BOB. Enjoy that purchase!

Oh have you seen the PPB Ergo? It's sizzlin' I had to go out and buy the PPB Ergo even though I had the organic Ergo.

Julie Danielle said...

That looks like a great stroller. I am sure you will get a lot of use out of it :)

Texas Type A Mom said...

I have the same stroller (in orange) and love it! I'd hold off on getting the case for now until you find out if you're actually going to use it for traveling. It's pretty bulky and even taking it for a day trip - it takes up a lot of space so I can imagine trying to load a car to the airport with the BOB and luggage would be a mess. I bought the handlebar console (or whatever it's called) for mine and find that really handy though.