Sunday, July 24, 2011

Halfway done

We are finally halfway done with this deployment, thank God.  The past 3+ months have been the longest of my life.  Sometimes it feels as though I’ve been away from Mark for years instead of just months.
Overall, the deployment hasn’t been too bad though.  Yes, it seems to be dragging at times, but that’s really the only complaint I have.  I get to talk to Mark regularly, usually for as long as we want, and I know many military spouses aren’t afforded that luxury.  I have two out of state trips planned during August and September that I am looking forward to and then in mid-October I get to head back to Italy and I am SO excited about that.  It will be so nice to be in MY home again, with all of my stuff, in my comfort zone.  I will miss my friends here though, but I am looking forward to seeing my friends in Italy again also.  I’m not looking forward to get Abbie and I adjusted to Italy’s time zone again, but that’s a small price to pay for getting to be at home.
We are finally in the double digits now, and that makes the rest of this deployment seem do-able.  It was pretty daunting at the beginning when we had close to 200 days left to go in front of us, but now that we’re under 100 days (hopefully), the days seem to be ticking by a little faster.  Mark and I are planning a trip to London, just the two of us, after he gets back, so I’m having fun researching all of our options for that.
Here’s to hoping the next few months fly by!!

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Jane said...

Yay for being halfway done! I hope the rest of it flies by! It can definitely feel overwhelming at times and I hope the rest of your time flies by!