Monday, May 2, 2011

April Abbie-isms

*On the 9hr plan ride over here, there was a baby crying a few seats over from us.  Abbie heard her crying and said “Relaaax, baby.  Relax!”
*Abbie saw a child-sized rocking chair at my parents house and said “Oh!  That looks like fun!”.
*The first time she heard thunder while we were back in the States she started yelling “Jets!!  F-16!!”.
*She’s started saying “I go play, just for a minute.”
*She saw Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune and shouted “It’s a Tinkerbell!!”
*She’s learned to do “I love you” in sign language, where you hold up your pointer finger and pinky and stick out your thumb, so she does that a lot now.  It’s funny to watch her because she concentrates really hard on getting her fingers the way she wants them to be and then gets so excited when she gets it.  She likes to sign “I love you” to Mark on Skype when we talk to him.
*Abbie is a great backseat driver.  When we’re riding in the car together, she often says “Be careful of cars momma.  Be careful.”
*She loves to hug everything.  Light poles, trees, water towers, cars.  She’s always asking to hug things.


Brittney said...

Cute post. She's going to be so big when I see her again :( Give her a big ole hug from me, since she loooooves hugs :) Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

She sounds so cute!! I love that she thinks Vanna is Tinkerbell!

Elsbit said...

LOL, Ellie is a backseat driver too! Except she watches the stoplights and yells at me when she thinks I have run a red light (which I haven't, she is looking at the light for the other drivers lol). I love the Tinkerbell comment too!

Brian and Erika said...

What an amazing vocabulary she has! She is too cute, Monica:) Wish we lived closer.

Unknown said...

What a great post -- keep up with the Abbie-isms as she does more. They are so fun to read and this way you won't forget all the cute stuff she does years from now! Miss you!