Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting to know you


1. do you weigh yourself?  Yep, probably 3-4 times a week, just to make sure I haven’t gained any weight.  If I have, I cut back on the sweets.

2. what's the nastiest thing you've ever eaten?  A brussel sprout with a worm in it…  Ew.

3. snail mail or email?  In general, snail mail.  I love writing letters and taking them to the post office and I love receiving letters too.  But when I don’t have that kind of time, I email people.

4. do you have any irrational fears...what are they?  Odd that both quizzes I do on my blog have the same question one week!  But my answer is still the same – sharks.  Although I’m not sure being afraid of sharks is that irrational.  I guess just the part that I think they’re going to be near me in the water every time I get in the ocean is the irrational part!

5. do you play an instrument?  I’ve played the piano since I was 5.  I miss it.  Part of the reason I’m so excited to go home is that my baby grand is waiting for me at my parents house.  I’ve already shipped my music home.  And I played the flute for a while, and I’ve played the hand bells for years.

6. would you rather be bitten by a snake or attacked by a bear?  Uh…. neither?  But I guess I’d rather be bitten by a non-poisonous snack if I had to choose.

7. do you ever go braless in public?  Ha.  No.  I wish my boobs were small enough to get away with that, but there is no way in hell I’d be seen in public without a bra…

8. today i am thankful for........................?  A beautiful day in which we spent almost all of it outside playing in the yard and eating on the porch and a fantastic weekend spent with my husband.  It really was a perfect weekend.

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