Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Abbie’s bad mood explained

This might very well explain why Abbie has been so hard to deal with lately.  I really think she just misses her daddy and she’s not old enough to express her feelings any other way, nor is she old enough to understand why he’s gone or when he’s coming back.  All she knows is that the person she loves the most isn’t around anymore.  I can feel her pain.
(All these pictures were taken in March 2011.)IMG_2247IMG_2249IMG_2256IMG_2295IMG_2320IMG_2355IMG_2329


Reccewife said...

What a cutie! I have always found the toddler years the hardest for deployments. They are so sad but it just comes out as bratty behavior that only makes me mad when I should be comforting them. I hope this phase passes for you quickly. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Emma was really bad during the TDY in January, she would run around saying Dadda Dadda? Truly heartbreaking, thank god for Skype though it helped a lot.

Elsbit said...

Poor thing. I love all the pics you capture of them together. Make sure your family gets YOU and her together in pics. You need more of those too! :)