Thursday, March 3, 2011

I hate bugs

Since we moved our bedroom upstairs, we now have to deal with lady bugs.  I hate bugs.  And these things are getting into our room in swarms.  I have NO clue where they’re coming in besides somehow getting in through the closed windows and screens, but they’re everywhere.  I vacuum up every bug in sight in my room on almost a daily basis, and I swear, every time I vacuum them all up, they somehow call in reinforcements and soon there’s twice as many as I just vacuumed up!  It’s really annoying.
This is what it looks like every day under the window in our room.  And this is just the ones on that part of the floor, not including all the ones still crawling around the window and on the walls and on the bed.  It’s gross, and I have no clue what to do to get rid of them besides try to figure out where they’re coming in at and make it so they can’t come in.  ??  I’ve thought about getting my landlord involved and tell them to make the place bug proof.  I could see if we had the windows open regularly, but we haven’t had the windows open all winter and these bugs are coming in from somewhere.  The Italians have a very nonchalant view of bugs though.  They figure they’re just part of life and you just put up with them.  But I HATE having to sleep with a blanket over my ears and nose so the stupid things don’t land on me at night, which has happened WAY more than once.  GROSS!
Does anyone know how to get rid of these stupid things?
I guess I’m just glad they’re not spiders or cockroaches… 


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Call housing to have them call your land lord and get it fumigated. On a good note though is that I have never seen a cockroach here in Italy.

Unknown said...

At least they're lady bugs I suppose...they're suppose to be good luck if they land on you! ;)

Fledgling Techie said...

Found this!:

Just be glad it's not the stink bugs that infested my house in Italy! LOL (Or the spiders that are all over my basement here in Germany!!!) I hope that article helps you out!