Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Today I had plans to go shopping with Brittney, but she cancelled on me, so Abbie and I went by ourselves.  Taking Abbie shopping is hit or miss and I was a little worried about it, but I figured even if she was a bear to deal with, it would be better than sitting in the house by myself all day.  Weekends are hardest when Mark isn’t around, so I like to try to keep busy.  So we headed to Pordenone, which is about 30 mins from us, and went to Decathlon (a cheaper sporting goods store), the mall, and McDonald’s.  I found cheap Old Navy-type long and short sleeved t-shirts, except they’re much better quality, last time we went there and I wanted to get more.  (An XL here is equivalent to a L in the States.)  The ones on the left are long sleeved and the ones on the right are short sleeved.  The colors don’t really come through very well on this picture but you still get the idea.


I wandered around the mall some but didn’t find anything I like, except for a coat, but I didn’t buy it.  They have a grocery store in the mall here so I spent 41E buying noodles and Nutella.  *grins*  Actually I spent 16E on these little Nutella packs that come with these little breadsticks.  They’re SOO good and I wanted to send some to people back home, and then I bought like 10 different kinds of noodles and riso because I wanted to try to make risotto. 

After that Abbie and I had lunch at McDonald’s.  It’s weird sitting in a  restaurant like that, basically by yourself (since Abbie’s not old enough to have a conversation with yet) and listening to everyone around you speaking Italian.  It’s a little intimidating, but kind of fascinating at the same time.  It definitely makes me miss home though, and everything that’s familiar.  I wanted to order honey mustard sauce for our nuggets, but the girl taking my order didn’t speak English.  I kept saying honey mustard (in English) and she kept repeating the list of all the sauces in Italian and the only one I understood was barbeque (because it’s pronounced the same).  After 3 times through that routine, a girl in the line over said one of them to my cashier and said mustard to me.  I need to learn more Italian.

This weekend my house is a pet hotel.  I’m dog-sitting two of my friends dogs.  It’s fun having a menagerie of animals around and I like having 4 animals greet me when I get home.  And I love having big dogs around.  I love my little weinas, but I miss having a big dog.  I’ve already decided our next dog will be big.

Here are Jess and Abner.


Our yard is pretty much a zoo.  That’s Sadie in the foreground running around like a loon, as she always does.  (It’s 55 degrees and sunny today so it was a perfect day to play in the yard for a little bit, except for all the dog poop… Ew.)


Time to go get something done while Abbie naps!



Brittney said...

Sorry, it wasn't my intention on canceling on you. When Dan found out on Friday that he didn't have to work on Saturday and he was going to go skiing, he went over right away and rented his ski gear and didn't tell me. He was wanting to see id they were still open and how long they would be open. Then, I get to base and he tells me this and wants me to go pick out my stuff as well. Wish you could have come with us. We drove separately from everyone else, so we could have left whenever.

Elsbit said...

I adore that last picture! It makes me think little swiss miss or something! Toooo cute!

I am very impressed with your quilting. Wow!

What kind of risotto are you making? My favorite is mushroom with some fresh basil in it. Yum!