Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog readers

I love the new “stats” tab that the Blogger dashboard now has.  I love having an idea of who is reading my blog and I like to know that there are actual people reading it!  I’m shocked at some of the places though, that people are reading my blog from! 

Yesterday I had 47 people look at my blog. 37 were from the States.  Eight people were from Germany.  I’m guessing most of those are fellow military spouses stationed in Germany.  Four were in Italy – again military friends.  Two were in South Korea, which I’m guessing are also friends stationed overseas.  I had 2 views from Saint Lucia and I have NO clue who that would be.  I also had 1 from the Netherlands, 1 from Russia, 1 from Saudi Arabia and 1 from Taiwan.  And I have no clue who those people might be either.  It’s so interesting to me to know where my readers live!  And all of that was just from yesterday!

I also notice a bunch of people coming over from friends (Alison and Cheyenne) blogs, which I love!  From May of 2010 until now I’ve had close to 5500 views on my blog, which just shocks me!  Considering 6 months ago I wasn’t sure anyone was looking at it, except for friends and family that I email it to, it boggles my mind to know that THAT many people are reading it!

So thank you for following my blog!  And I love having followers so feel free to add yourself as a follower if you haven’t already!


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Julie Danielle said...

The stats feature is pretty cool :)