Thursday, September 16, 2010

Abbie new toy

Mark’s grandparents had ordered Abbie a slide and one of those red and yellow cars on Amazon for Abbie’s birthday.  We ordered it at the beginning of May and it still hasn’t shipped.  Not quite sure what was up with that.  I saw this in the BX so I asked Lucretia if she wanted to switch to this slide and she did.  So Abbie’s great-grandparents bought this slide for her.  She LOVES it!

Here’s the photo evidence.

Helping daddy put her new toy together!

IMG_1707 IMG_1711 IMG_1714 IMG_1715

“This thing is fun even when it’s not put together!!” IMG_1716

Daddy taking his frustrations out on the slide.  (He put it together wrong to begin with and then couldn’t get it apart again to put it together the right way.  =)  He eventually got it.)  In the meantime, Abbie and I enjoyed the show.

IMG_1717 IMG_1719

Chasing daddy outside to try out her new toy. IMG_1723 IMG_1725

Trying it out backwards first. IMG_1727 IMG_1729

Enjoying the view from the top. IMG_1731

First slide down!  (With Oliver at the bottom to catch her.) IMG_1733 IMG_1734

Daddy teaching her how to go up the ladder by herself.

 IMG_1735 IMG_1736 IMG_1737 IMG_1738 IMG_1739


What the heck just happened?

IMG_1743IMG_1750 IMG_1745 IMG_1748

I’ve got this figured out now!  IMG_1757

Thanks great-grandma and great-grandpa Browning!!  Abbie LOVES her new slide!

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