Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crappy communication

Today I went to lunch with friends after church.  I was talking to my friend, Christine, who’s husband is on the TDY with Mark.  She said that she’s only talked to her husband twice since the guys have been gone, and once was only for 45 seconds…  Wow.

I guess they have ONE phone at wherever Mark is for all 300 people there to use, which is ridiculous.  I think I told you before that he called me on his cell after he got there.  I’d just put 30Euros on his phone (about $40) and after 10 mins of talking his phone cut out because we’d used all his minutes.  So it’s about $4/min to talk on cell phones wherever he’s at.  You’d think the military would make it easier for the guys to communicate with home, but they don’t.  So there’s one phone for all the people on this TDY to use.  They had (very crappy) internet the first week they were there, but then I guess the contract for it ran out and the military isn’t renewing it so they have no internet access now either.  It pretty much really sucks.  But thankfully I have a very patient husband who is willing to spend hours in line for a phone so I can talk to him for 10 mins per night.

I still don’t know when he’s coming home, if it’ll be Thursday or Friday or Saturday. Obviously I’m hoping for Thursday but I’m not holding my breath.  If I had to bet, I would say Friday, but who knows.  I’m just very ready for him to be home.

On a side note, my friend Brittney who I’m always talking about on here, started her own blog!  It’s so feel free to check it out.  (And she has pictures of her on it so you can see what she looks like since I haven’t taken a picture of her yet.)

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