Thursday, May 20, 2010

My splurge

So I’ve been thinking about that cork purse ever since the bazaar.  I looked them up online to see if her prices were within reason and they were.  I was planning on buying on at the fall bazaar, but she had a little booth set up between the BX and commissary this week. so I was pretty sure that was fate.  (Venders always have little booths set up between the BX and commissary, selling stuff from all over.)  So I stopped and looked at the purse I looked at 4 times at the bazaar.  She still had it.  (That was also fate.)

So after finding out that she’s not going to be at the fall bazaar, like I had assumed, and talking it over with Mark (who’s quite possibly the best husband in the world, for far too many reasons besides letting me buy this purse, to list), I splurged. IMG_5940 IMG_5941 IMG_5943

The lady is also a military spouse, and she’s based out of Germany, near Ramstein.  She was really nice and wanted me to put her info on my blog.  So here it is!  Her webpage is and her email is  Her name is Maria and she’s very nice.  Contact her if you’d like one!

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Elsbit said...

Good for you! I looked at the website but it isn't very informative. Thats okay. You just post lots of pictures of you and your purse and I can live vicariously. ;)