Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It’s been really hard to meet people here.  I guess most of the girls in the squadron are super busy, or have their own agendas, or forget what it’s like to be brand new in a foreign country, or maybe a combination of the three.  Either way, there’s really only been one girl here, Jennifer, that’s made an effort to include me in anything, and I will be forever grateful to her for that.

So the squadron wives have coffees – which are usually dinner at someone’s house – once a month.  In this squadron’s case, it’s the first Wednesday of the month, aka –today.  Unfortunately, kids are not invited to the coffees, which is super dumb in my opinion since most of us have kids.

I’ve been asking Mark for 2 weeks now if he’d be able to be home before 7pm to watch Abbie so I could go to the coffee.  We had it all worked out, but last night at 10pm, his schedule changed and now he has to work until at least 8pm.  Big bummer.  I’m really disappointed.  This was the one thing on my schedule for the entire month, and I can’t go.  I was looking forward to meeting more people and learning what’s going to be going on in the squadron during the next month.  But since everyone I do know here is going to that meeting, I don’t have anyone to watch Abbie.  Luckily the squadron is changing command soon, and the new commanders wife (who typically is in charge of running the coffees) is going to change that policy and make the coffees earlier in the day and kid-friendly.  I emailed her and she sent me a nice email back.  She seems very nice and down to earth and I’m looking forward to getting to know her better.  Mark is very excited about her husband taking over command too.  He’s had nothing but good things to say about him and really likes him.  But he likes his current commander too.

Anyway, so unless Mark by the off chance gets off really early tonight, Pips and I are going to be at home by ourselves all day (and night) today.  Oh well.  Better luck next month.

PS:  Mark’s starting to fly next week!  I’m nervous about that.

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