Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our house in Sarone

So we took a bunch of our big stuff from our TLF room over to the house today.  Our TLF looks much less cluttered now.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing for the house.  But I took pictures before we messed it all up with our unorganized junk.  (It is hard to organize though when you have nothing to organize with…)

Here’s the load in the back of the truck we borrowed.IMG_5440

This is going to be our guest room/ hang out room.  That little area in the back with the light on is where the guest bed will go.  We’re going to figure out how to make that opening smaller so it’s more private.


This is the other side of the guest/hang out room.  That’s a fireplace in the corner.  The stairs you see outside the door lead up to the main floor.


Stairs leading to the main floor.  That door on the right is the door to the garage.  The door on the left is a storage room, along with the door you can barely see, straight back.  Also, the wall behind the door on the right is the downstairs guest bathroom.


Same stairs, different angle.


Here’s the downstairs guest bathroom (half of it).  Our washer and dryer will also go in here.


I’m standing in the living room taking this picture.  That’s the front door on the left, and the kitchen straight ahead.  (Told you they have VERY small kitchens in Italy.  How I’m going to fit all my kitchen stuff in that space is beyond me…)


Here’s the outside of the house.  That’s the rock wall I was talking about before, that they’re going to put a fence along.


Here’s the yard behind the house, that you can see out the bathroom and master bedroom windows.


The side yard, and the landlords house off in the distance.


Here’s a better picture of the kitchen.


And here’s the living room, as viewed from the kitchen.


These are the views from our kitchen window.

IMG_5461 IMG_5463

This is the view from the front door.  Straight back is the bathroom, and down the hallway to the left is our room, and to the right is Abbie’s room.


Here’s Abbie’s room.


Here’s the bathroom.  (Yes, it has a bidet.)


And here’s our master bedroom.  (The upstairs room is probably the master bedroom, because it has an attached bathroom, but there is no way in hell I’m having Abbie downstairs on the main level and us up on another level.  Not with the chance of random people breaking in to our house at night.)


Here’s the view from the upstairs bedroom window.  This is probably at least 60% of the reason we love the house.


This is the upstairs bedroom that we’ll be using as a computer/play/sewing/extra guest bedroom.

IMG_5475Here’s the attached bathroom on the upstairs bedroom.  (And it has a bidet also.)


The ceiling of the upstairs room.  We love it.


So there’s the grand tour.  We are excited about moving into this house, despite the fact that there’s not a single closet in it.  I really have no clue where I’m going to stash all my junk.  We went around today and installed little alarms on all of the ground floor windows.  I’m half tempted to spring for a security system to be put on it.  Kelly, from the previous post, said they paid like 2500Euro (which is a lot more in $$ right now) to have a security system installed on their house.  At this point, I think the piece of mind might be worth it, even though we don’t have $4000 laying around to spend on it, especially since we can’t take it with us when we leave if we did install it.  If any of you have any cheap home security tips, I’m all ears!  Let me know what you think of our house!


Jess said...

I LOVE your house! It'll be fun to figure out where to put everything without closets... you're creative, I'm sure you'll figure it out :-).

Anonymous said...

I love the house it looks like there is alot of big windows for sunlight and fresh air. The view is beautiful. Is there any carpet? Can't wait to see it in December.:)

Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

What amazing views!! And the house seems quite big as well. I feel your pain with the kitchen, the one in our new apt is VERY small. But not quite as bad as yours. ;) As for home security ... I'd hang something noisey on your doors!! I'm sure you'll be fine.