Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter picture and a bunch of other stuff.

Here’s Abbie’s Easter outfit.  I really need to find some white baby legs.  The of-white ones had to do since it was all I had.  I’m pretty sure this outfit is from Mark’s late aunt, Elaine.IMG_4975

Abbie was “helping” with the laundry.  She thought it was great fun to climb around in all the clothes.  Ollie was supervising.  (And here’s proof that they can get close to each other without anything happening.)IMG_4954 IMG_4964

Abbie has turned into the little climber.  I really wish we had at least a rug in here (although it’s probably a good thing we don’t right now bc of the dogs stomach issues….).  At the new house, we’ll have rugs and then I’ll feel better about her climbing. IMG_4983

Every time she sees a pillow now, she’ll lay down on it like this.  It’s pretty cute.  We’re teaching her how to do the “kiss wave” too.  She’s kinda getting it.  She signed water for the first time a few days ago, and she’s pretty consistantly doing “all done” and “eat”.  She likes to copy what we do – like shake her head no, or raise arms and legs.  Our little copy cat. IMG_4978

Here she is playing with Easter presents from grandma and grandpa Browning.  She was quite interested.IMG_4985IMG_5003 IMG_4993   So Abbie is sick now.  Her nose is running all over the place and she has a slight cough and she’s running a temp of 102.  She’s still pretty active and in good spirits, but I hate it when she’s sick.  I worry about her.

Took Sadie to the vet today.  They said most likely it’s just stress related.  I’m supposed to take her off food for 24 hrs, and then feed her rice and boiled ground beef or chicken for 3 days and then gradually work her regular food back in.  I think Ollie might be stressed too because he seems to be doing the same thing Sadie has been lately (poop-wise).  Gross.  As I was typing this Sadie jumped off the chair and pooped all over the floor.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a baby crawling all over the place….  Yuck.

So we finally got a car.  It’s a little ‘98 Lancia.  We were looking at a ‘95 and ‘97 BMW but we both thought the Lancia was in better condition and a better value.  The car buying process is a huge ordeal here.  You have to go with the “dealer” to transfer the ownership to your name and then you have to run around to 6 different places registering it and paying road tax and bunches of other fun stuff…  Mark was gone for 5 hours today trying to get all that done, but at least it’s done.

Now we’re going to go pick up the house contract since they didn’t have it ready yesterday when they said they would.  (Typical Italian culture.)  Luckily since we know the people in the house, we can sign paperwork to transfer all the utilities AND INTERNET over to us.  That’s a HUGE plus since they said they waited for 3 months to get the internet when they moved in.

One more thing, our new (American) phone # is 815-402-3448.  It’s an American number that calls our Skype so you can dial it from any phone with just a 1 in front.  It only works when we have our Skype turned on, but at least it’s not long distance!


Ciao! Ciao!

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Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

Sounds like things are coming together and settling down. Hooray! Hope everyone over there starts feeling better soon.