Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Abbie Rose is 11 months old!


Yesterday was Abbie’s 11 month birthday.  It’s hard to believe in a month she’ll be a year old..

It’s not the prettiest picture of her, but I finally got a picture of her teeth!  She’s also getting the teeth on either side of her top front teeth, so she now has 6 teeth total.IMG_5374

This is how we find her every morning, standing up in her crib, hanging on to her pony.  (Rachie, did you get her that?)  She loves that pony and is always dragging it around by the leg, and she snuggles with it sometimes at night.

 IMG_5381 IMG_5386

She can now reach down and pick things up off the floor while she’s standing, as long as she’s holding on to sometime.  And she’s still spitting food out ALL the time.  I don’t know how to stop her from spitting food out.  Pretty much the ONLY food she won’t spit out is cheese and whole wheat bagels and broccoli.  But any other fruit of veggie, she’ll put in her mouth, and chew, but then spit it all out.  It’s super annoying.  And anything pureed, she pretty much spits out right away.  You put it in, and she immediately spits it out.  Sometimes after the 3rd or 4th try she’ll actually swallow it..IMG_5391

Her sleeping is still an issue…  Sometimes she does great, and sleeps from 9pm to 8:30am.  Other times it takes us 2 hrs to get her down, and she wakes up 3 times during the night and screams and then is up at 7am.  I really don’t understand her sleeping habits at all.  And her naps are still a huge fight.  I just gave her a bottle and she was pretty much asleep on me, but as soon as I put her in her crib, she’s up and screaming, and she’s currently in there screaming.  Either I let her scream and she’ll eventually fall asleep, or I go in there and then she won’t go to sleep at all and she’ll miss this nap for the day and then the rest of the day is hell.  I was hoping that one day she’ll just lay down and go to sleep when she’s tired, but she hasn’t yet, and I’m not holding my breath for the future. IMG_5396So she was better from being sick, but now her nose is running all over the place again and she’s sneezing like crazy.  I’m wondering if she has allergies, but I don’t really know.  She doesn’t have a fever, just sneezing and running nose.IMG_5408

So it’s incredibly hard to get a picture of her with my little cards, so this is the best we could do this month.  She just has an agenda of her own these days, which doesn’t include a monthly photo shoot.  We take what we can get, and this is what we got. IMG_5415 IMG_5423

Bedtime for bonzo!  (It’s no big secret when she’s tired, the secret is how in the heck to get her to sleep!) IMG_5430

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