Monday, March 8, 2010

An Abbie update

IMG_9252  IMG_9272

Things have been pretty stressful for us here lately, but luckily we have our little Abbie Rose to cheer us up.  This little girl brings such an unbelievable amount of joy into our lives, and it’s hard to think that anything is really that bad when we look at her.  We ask each other all the time how we got so lucky to have a baby like she is.
She’s been getting in to EVERYTHING lately.  Her favorites are electrical cords and anything she can dig out of the pantry.  Yesterday I went to pick her up since she was getting into something she shouldn’t have been in, and the little turd took off crawling as fast as her little legs would carry her, laughing the entire way.  And she’s done it a few times since.  It’s pretty cute when she does that.
IMG_9356 The other day Mark and I were getting ready in our bathroom, and had her sitting in there with us.  She decided she’d have enough of the bathroom floor and took off.  I followed her as she crawled through our room, opened our bedroom door (it was cracked open and she put her fingers underneath it and pulled it all the way open), crawled all the way down the hall and stopped at the top of the stairs.  From the bathroom to the top of the stairs was about 10 seconds.  Pretty scary and a good wake up call for us.
(Here’s a picture of her little plumbers butt!)  IMG_9418
She has no problem pulling up to a standing position on things by herself now.  Her problem is sitting back down.  She often stands somewhere and just screams because she doesn’t know how to sit back down.  It’s pretty funny.
She still is completely fascinated by her books.  I’m so worried that if we do end up moving overseas, they’ll lose all our junk in the process – mainly her books.  (I’ve heard of that happening on more than one occasion…)  We might just ship them to our APO address ourselves, if we get one, if we move…  She doesn’t mind if they’re upside down even, she just likes looking at them.  IMG_9361
IMG_9390 I was in the kitchen today cleaning up, and I turned around and she was trying to stand up by herself in the middle of the floor.  She had her hands and feet on the floor, with her little butt in the air and knees off the ground.  She’d get one hand off the floor, but couldn’t get both.  She’s going to be walking soon….

She is completely fascinated by Sadie’s feet and tail.  She loves them and tries to suck on them any chance she gets.  (Gross!)  Luckily Sadie does amazingly well with Abbie, and doesn’t seem to mind.  Ollie, on the other hand, is a different story and he still avoids her like the plague, but at least she has her BFF Sadie Roo.


Rachel said...

Ha ha i love it- her BFF Sadie Roo. LOL CUTE! I don't know how u keep up with her, she sounds like one busy little girl!!!

Lillie said...

I love your blog and especially the pictures of Abbie. You write about everything so it feels like we are right there. Keep up the good work and I pray your lives settle down soon IN ITALY. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

She is getting so big! Her pics are always adorable! I'm glad she has little Sadie! Lilly wants to be BFF's with Daisy but its a no go and I don't like to let Toby in the house he would be a die hard BFF with her haha. Thats great that she is trying to stand up! When Lilly stands by herself she always hurrys up and sits down when she realizes she is standing. Last night she climbed up on the couch all by herself which was a big wake up call for us too!!! Had no idea she could get up there by herself. Our little girls are growing up so fast :)Miss you!

Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

She has changed so much!! Glad you guys are enjoying her. (And I hope the move gets figured out sometime this year!)

Donna said...

Love the pictures, she is getting to be a big girl. She looks like she is fascinated my Sadie's paws.