Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look a-likes

EVERYONE and their mother says Abbie looks exactly like Mark.  Which, yes, she does.  But it gets quite old hearing that and seeing that on Facebook all the time.  I’d like her to resemble me just a little bit, but all I ever hear is how much she looks like Mark.  Hopefully the next one will look more like me.  She’s better off looking like Mark anyway.

I noticed in one of the pictures we recently took of her, she looked almost exactly like Mark did in pictures from when he was younger.  What do you think?




IMG_8365  IMG_8353



Baby_Dan6 Baby_DishwasherBaby_Pillow


Donna said...

I see both of you in her. She is so adorable and cute. And hopefully she will have your pretty curly hair.

Anonymous said...

she looks sooo much like her daddy? : ) - Holly B