Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A lazy day

Today was one of those lazy days, for the most part.

Our little miss Abbigale is in to EVERYTHING now.  She's able to sit up on her own officially, as of yesterday, so she'll lay down and sit up, lay down and sit up to move around the room, along with scooting everywhere.  She'll crawl a "step" or two and then lay flat out on her belly.  It makes our life easier now that she can sit up by herself, sort of.  We don't have to go sit her up every two seconds, but we have to watch her much more closely.  I've caught her tugging on things plugged in to an outlet twice today.  You can set her 10 feet away from any wall, and then turn around and she's yanking on the electrical stuff.  She's pretty good about stopping when I tell her "no" though.  They say kids know what the word "no" means by 9 months.  I think she's ahead of the curve on that one.

We took a walk this afternoon and saw THE cutest bulldog puppy.  He was 5 months old and just adorable.  He was walking with his owner to get the mail and we watched as another neighbor walked across the street to meet the puppy.  We said hi to both of them as we walked by.  When we were about 50 ft past them, I turned around to look at the puppy again (the thing was seriously cute), and here it is, flat out running after us.  It's back legs looked like wings they were so high up because he was running so fast.  And the 2 people were chasing after him.  HAHA!  I stopped and bent down to stop him and say hi, and prayed that Oliver wouldn't act like a jerk, like he usually does with other dogs.  But Ollie didn't even bark at the puppy.  They just sniffed each other and then the owner picked up the puppy.  I want one of those.  =)  (Mark said no way.)

Around 3:30pm, I got a text from a friend.  She has 2 kids and is pregnant with her third and she has whatever that disorder is that makes you SUPER sick during pregnancy.  It's not morning sickness, it's worse.  And she has a sinus infection on top of it.  So she called and asked if I could come watch her kids for her for a little bit since she was having a tough time getting out of bed.  I'm so glad she asked for my help.  Her husband is deployed and she has no family is town, and I just couldn't even imagine being in her position.  I watched her kids for a few hours so she could get some sleep and get to feeling a little better.  I wish I could have done more to help her.  I do have to say, her 2 kids put together were easier to take care of than my one child is.  That little pippers is a handful, to say the least.

Anyway, now Mark is out playing poker with the guys and I'm watching American Idol with the weinas.  I hope Abbie sleeps through the night tonight!

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