Thursday, January 21, 2010

Or not..

So yeah, please disregard my “lucky day” post that I posted a few hours ago.  Funny how everything can change in a few short hours.  My stress level was on the downhill slide, only to now be sky rocketed.  Such is life.

So, here’s the scoop.  There are currently five guys scheduled to go to Spangdahlem.  As I posted before, one of the squadrons at Spang is closing, so they’re combining the 2 squadrons into one, which means that one squadron is already overmanned.  So they decided TODAY that sending 5 guys to Spang isn’t a good idea.  Mark called me at 1pm (and he had a sim from 1:30-2:30pm) and told me that either we could still plan on going to Germany and pray to the AF gods that they don’t make us go somewhere else as soon as we got there, or we could volunteer to go to either Aviano, Italy, Osan or Kunsan, Korea or Shaw, SC.  We decided to volunteer to go to Italy instead of being volun-told to go to Kunsan or Shaw.  We had about 30 seconds to make that decision.  So I was wound up about that, and shaking and nervous, but I was dealing with it okay.  Italy wasn’t the end of the world by far and we could deal with this bump in the road and change direction somewhat.  So Mark goes to his sim, comes home, goes back in to take a test, I pick him up on base and he drops the bomb.  Apparently ALL five guys volunteered to go to Aviano, so now we’re back to square one.  And now I am freaking out.  It just seems to be one freaking thing after another and I had gotten myself thinking that Aviano wasn’t that bad and now it looks like they MIGHT send 2 people to Aviano, at the most.  So if all 5 guys want Aviano, the odds aren’t in our favor at all.  So Mark and I decided to volunteer for either Aviano or Osan, Korea.  We’re hoping to have a better idea tomorrow about where we might end up, but at this point it is completely up in the air, and I am completely drained.

Both Aviano and Osan have their positives and negatives and I’m going to try really hard not to think about it until we have orders in our hands for the base we’re headed to next.  Not that that really matters all that much since the AF can pull the rug out from under you any time they’d like.

And no, Donna, you don’t want us going to Shaw.  Mark will be deployed all the time if we go there – more than any other base, along with many, many TDY’s.  He’ll miss quite a bit of Abbie’s life if we end up going to Shaw, which is why it’s been our 2nd to last choice all along.

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