Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 hrs short of 6 weeks.

First off - thank you for all of your concern, encouragement, thoughts and opinions on my last blog. I have my good days and bad days (nights I sleep and nights I don't) and that was obviously one of my not-so-good days. The fact is that I have a very clingy baby, and it's hard to see the end in sight, as far as that goes. She seems to be getting slightly better on some days, and on others I can't put her down for the life of me. I guess I just didn't know babies could be as clingy as she is most of the time. And it's hard when I'm home with her all day by myself. I thought I'd be able to put her down for naps and get things done around the house or sleep. And I was anticipating having to sleep WITH her when people said "Sleep when your baby sleeps." I've talked to quite a few people and read in books that around 6 weeks is when they're hormones change a little and their brain matures more which enables them to sleep for longer stretches at a time. I'm hoping that's the case for her, and also that she can sleep for longer stretches BY HERSELF. When I bring her to bed with me, I try to just lay her next to me, not touching me to see if she'll sleep on her own, but the majority of the time, she needs to be up against me before she'll stop crying. *sighs*

On another note, last week she got a pretty darn bad case of baby acne. It seems to be getting some better but she still has it.

This is going to be cut short since she's cry again. I've fed her at 8pm, 9pm, Mark gave her a 2 oz bottle at 10pm and now it's 11:15pm and she's screaming. We might be in for another fun night... Yay.


Em said...

Growth spurt? When they cluster feed like that, it usually means something is changing. Maybe that's a good thing? They say everything changes when you have a baby. You just cannot grasp it until it actually happens, though. As the mama of a "high needs" baby myself, Monica, I get it. As I mentioned when we chatted last night, at 1 year old, Sierra wouldn't go down last night, so I wrapped her and she slept in the wrap while I typed. These days, though, it's not ALWAYS like that. Abbie spent nine month snuggled inside you. It's quite an adjustment now that she's out.

Stacy said...

Good luck Monica hang in there!

michelle lynn said...

Wow, I can't believe how much she's changed! I do think she looks like you now! Beautiful! Ok, reading this post I have to tell you about my sad realization. Last week, I put out the blanket on the floor, some toys, a pillow, etc. and put Alynna down as I usually do a few times a day, only it never lasts more than a minute or two. Except, last week she played, and played, and played BY HERSELF on the floor. I sadly realized this was the fisrt time this has ever happened and I had been carrying her for almost 8 months straight! I know 8 months isn't the 'light' you were looking for, but hey, it didn't kill me, lol. Although I am seeing a chiro now... something about always carrying the 20lb baby on the same side... Oh, and I know they are terribly expensive, but my chiro said the Ergo is the only baby carrier he'd ever recommend. Just something to think about because as she gets bigger, it starts to get painfully obvious when carriers are not as supportive of their weight, especially for kiddos that love to be next to mom all the time :) So we are on night 2 of Healthy Sleep Habits and so far much improvement! Keep on keeping on, I know the days are long, but the weeks do fly, promise!